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Issue: July2010
Letter to Susannah

Dear Susannah,

I met you again after a baby pause in February in Olten.  My life has beautifully changed and I feel very grateful to be able to grow and develop in this way. Gratefulness makes me write this letter to you as the perfect mirror for me and my life in past, presence and future.

I experienced you as a mother, as a young girl, as a midwife, as a healing woman and a caregiver. Especially in the group in Waldhaus, ”Journey of Empowerment”, I sensed your gentleness, your allowance, your compassion and acceptance to all that is.


I come from years of Yoga training and after that seven years living and working in a Buddhist meditation centre. Discipline and ethics in a spiritual setting were dominating my life. I was doing the green Tara practice and felt deeply connected with a female goddess, a great mirror for me. But something was missing. Gabrielle Roth’s five rhythm workshops always offered me a little relief during these years, but something was missing there too….


Now that my son is three and half year old, I can meet you and Ya´Acov again in the great project you have created together. My heart jumps when I hear “Movement Medicine” and when I follow your book and the great guided meditations on the CD.  I have meditated many years but now- when I stand in my room after a day of work and I invite my inner dancer to move, supported by your great voices- it is so simple and free, without effort. My Yin can flow freely and I am finally arriving in this body as a woman, as a mother and a dancer. You have offered a spiritual approach to the people and this is a gift from our great mother, or as you said so lovingly: Mama.


This is what we all need so much, after centuries of fighting the body, suppressing our emotions and abusing the elements.  Even in spiritual practices there is so much overwhelming Yang energy, so much judgement, “spasm” and law and order mentality.


This is what I received from you as female teacher: being a friend, being an example and being a goddess- one divine being that calls me to discover my own divinity. It is so simple, so strong. Out of this wonderful Yin symphony in my body, heart and mind there is creativity arising. I feel like playing the piano again after fifteen years pause. I want to compose songs, sing more and paint. I want to dance and write and create!!


Thank you Susannah for the great gift you have offered. You work is touching my heart and soul. May you be healthy and may you be well and all your projects and ideas flourish and grow!!


Kristin Glenewinkel

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