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Issue: July2010
Great News from the Movement Medicine Shop

New CDs appearing soon - keep an eye on the site, and we now have a fantastic new product available.  Itís called Invocation or Liquid Smudge. Itís been developed over many years by Native American Medicine Man Blue Eagle. We first came across this product through Luc at Orval where Blue Eagle sometimes teaches. Quite simply, itís by far the best purification, cleansing substance that we have ever found on any of our travels.

We have been in negotiations for several months to try to find a way of importing the Liquid Smudge at an affordable price. It has now arrived by ship from Canada and is available in the shop.


Liquid Smudge consists of 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts. These oils and extracts are combined in a synergetic holistic formula according to traditional Native American principles applied to current scientific procedures.


It does not contain any preservatives, stabilizers or synthetic fragrances.


One or two sprays or drops of Liquid Smudge are sufficient to purify your space and create harmony around you. Use Liquid Smudge to enhance relaxation and rest, to improve concentration and meditation, to promote wellbeing, and to cleanse the energies around you, your home and working space.


Liquid Smudge comes in four sizes.


Size                                        Cost


120ml                                      £55.00


60ml                                        £37.50


29ml                                        £26.75


7.4ml                                       £16.50


All prices are plus packaging and posting. Please go to the Movement Medicine Shop for more details. Enjoy!


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