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Issue: June 2010
…still resonating….

November last year this story began- or was it ages ago, when I decided to better keep my voice in that little secret golden box in my heart ?

When I found Susannah`s  RESONANCE- Flyer under that pile of papers on my desk I thought:“ ah yes- singing…that might be something….“ and I put the paper on top of another pile of other papers without thinking o fit anymore. This happened several  times.

One day Roland`s reminder landed on my screen and- without thinking about it,  I decided to apply for the Resonance-workshop last November in Hamburg. I called Edgar, who ist the Hamburg-oranizer, and got his news: the workshop is fully booked and he would put me on the waitinglist. My understudy blew up: ok, it`s not really important to do this workshop now- I can do it next time or do another workshop, I don`t  have the money anyway, r- blahblahblah.

Time passed by and the weekend  before RESONANCE - I was just preparing my own workshop- Edgar called me and said:“ somebody cancelled and there is a place for you in Susannah`s Resonance- but you have to say now, in this moment, whether you want to come or not.“ Puhhhhh! I heard myself singing  YES! And that was it!

I booked a little hotel close to the workshop, packed my suitcase and my car and set off. During my drive I heard myself talking to my beloved mother who died in 1982 and I heard myself argueing with her about wether I should sing or not. My mother was the organist in our church and she several times tried to teach me to read music and even to play the piano- without any success. In those days I was dreaming of singing in our schoolband and I knew that my mother would not like to see her brave daughter –maybe smoking grass- standing on a stage in the company of longhaired freaks….So I tried to keep the brave-girl-image up and pretended that I`d love to learn to play the piano (to play classics, of course…).  In our car- conversation I was able to get her agreement and she promised me to be patient.  Thank you mother!

And:..WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! The workshop really opened up a huge new, exciting, invigorating and inspiring space for me! And I now know why I always tried to avoid thinking about singing…I was so afraid of my voice`s  enormous strength, had the image of not being able to stand what will come back when I really open up my heart to my voice. Oh GOD, I am so grateful for this experience,  am still exploring the resonance of what my heart sings!

4 weeks ago I finally found a singing teacher. Listening to my voice she sees me, recognizing  what my heart wants to sing. Currently I write my own short little poems and next lesson for me will be to improvise the words in these little poems, sing them forwards and backwards, let my voice, my body, heart and soul play with them and bring them out. Sing my song. I will sing my song. The song of my mother and my grandmothers. And I will feel mother earth inside me- resonating. Thank you Susannah!


The next Resonance workshop is at the Pegasus Centre, north of  Hamburg Nov 3 – 6 2011.  Contact Edgar

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