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Issue: June 2010
Stealing the Light

By Roland

No - this is not a fantasy thriller story of witches and sorcerers, although I would not blame you if you had that expectation when you read the title.

It is a confession - I absolutely love cutting down trees.  I love first notching the tree on one side with my chain-saw and then cutting from the other and then experiencing the thrill of several tons of wood crashing to the ground in the exact path that I had planned for it so that not only it doesn’t fall on me but it also misses the other trees that are standing near it.

Let me explain.  About 25 years ago I planted a small wood alongside the River Dart near my house.  In my enthusiasm I planted lots of trees.  I gave some thought to the overall scheme and based the main planting around a line of oak trees lining the path.  But elsewhere I was a little more random in what I planted and would sometimes transplant trees that were growing naturally in my garden rather than throw them away.  Among these transplants were a number of very small alder which regularly appeared at the edge of my garden pond.


I always said to myself it didn’t matter how many trees I planted.  I could always take some out later if it got too crowded.  The years passed and the trees grew.  I was excited the summer they were higher than me, and even more excited a few years later when the branches of the trees met each other and formed a canopy.  Then a few years later I realised that the wood was becoming rather dark and there was not enough light getting through for the flowers that had grown there before.  In particular the little alder seedlings were now the tallest trees of all and were taking light not only from the ground but also from my beloved oaks.


And so each winter I now take out a few trees which I chop up and store for firewood which means I keep warm and then more light enters the wood.


Every 6 months I have to do a slightly similar process with the Movement Medicine postal mailing list and I write to all those who we have not heard from for 2 years and tell them that we will not be mailing to them again unless they tell us they wish to remain on the mailing list.


For several years this method has enabled us to reduce the size of our postal mailing.  But not any more as now the number of new address we receive is greater than those we can take off the list.  Increased postal charges plus a nagging feeling that some of this mail is regarded as junk by those who receive it has led us to review what we are doing and to take more steps to reduce the list.


We did even consider abandoning postal mailing altogether but we know from market research undertaken that some people really value having a leaflet for a particular workshop in their hand.  In fact I have heard people tell me several times that the leaflet ‘spoke to them’ and that is why they booked for a particular workshop.  But for others the printed leaflet is the relic of an age that is past and they much prefer to just receive information electronically.  So if you are one of those who prefer not to receive postal mailing please let us know.


The Long Dance which is taking place 2nd to 6th July is now fully booked and has a long waiting list so a big sorry to all those who could not get a place. And a word of advice to those who wish to come next year – please book early.


Susannah’s Journey of Empowerment Ongoing Group which started at the beginning of May and is taking place in Switzerland this year is also fully booked.


We do still have some places available for the last two modules of Ya’Acov’s Ritual Group.  The Vision Quest is taking place 17th – 24th June and the Burial Ceremony from 28th Sept to 5th Oct.  You can book these separately or together.  Both are residential and will take place at the Rill Centre in South Devon. Please contact me if you would like an application form: or 01803 762255.


We also have a few place left on the Initiation workshop 3rd – 12th September.  The Initiation workshop is one of the essential prerequisite workshops that you have to do if you are thinking about applying for the Apprenticeship Programme which is starting in 2012 (the dates for this are available on the website and application forms will be available soon).  Initiation is Ya'Acov and Susannah's famously intensive deep healing journey through the 9 life cycles, is non residential and will take place at Dartington Hall in South Devon. Please contact me if you would like an application form: or 01803 762255


We only have one Movement Medicine weekend workshop left before we take our summer break and that is Rock My Soul! with Susannah in Denmark 18 -20 June.  Contact Bina +45 22 84 88 22 if you want further details or wish to book.  Susannah writes:


“Hello! I am very much looking forward to the joy of dancing Rock My Soul in Copenhagen 18-20 June. This workshop is a celebration of the physical, the sensual and the spiritual through the dance and it is very deep in my heart.


In our cultural history the physical and the spiritual were divided. This has led us to treat our bodies and the earth itself mechanistically.


Healing this division allows us to come home into sacred and juicy life as it flows through our bodies, hearts, souls and through the world and all beings. To become aware of the incredible beauty that is here, now in each of us and in everything. Life is sacred. You are sacred, and I am so happy that we can remember this together in the deep joy of the dance.


You are warmly invited to come and Rock your Soul and discover and dance more of YOUR unique full spectrum, dancing with and through your whole chakra line, from deep earthy sensuality to light fine spirit vibration and the full hearted spectrum in between,

See you!”


We also have the 3rd of our London Move! evenings taking place on June 21st.  These are proving quite popular and we are pleased to welcome many new faces to these events. Please do tell your friends and spread the word! The evening will start at 7pm and be led by Susannah.  Check with Alex on 07868842219 or for venue details.


Wishing you all a great summer  



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