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Issue: June 2010
Sharing Movement Medicine

By Caroline Carey

I have been dancing with Susannah and Ya'Acov since 1996 and been on workshops with them every year since then. Some times an on-going group, sometimes a variety of weekends, five day workshops and intense life altering programs, I think to date I have experienced most.

After my own movement/dance teacher training I began to assist them more and more on weekend workshops and intensives.


Following the School Of Movement Medicine is a very natural  progression of this. Studying the beautiful Mandala with it's gateways, dimensions and mesa practice holds a fascination for me. So now it has become part of my work to 'pathfind' for the teaching of teachers of this practice. Last year I became a 'Pathfinder' and apprentice teacher to the work. There are three of us in fact.  I have begun to teach workshops and classes where I share the basic practice of Movement Medicine. And I am enjoying it so much!  


There has been such a mixture of curiosity, intrigue and fascination  from my students. Of course there are those who would prefer things stayed the same way as before, but for me there has to be a moving on. After each piece of work I am contemplating the time spent and writing down my discoveries and what I feel to be the effect of the work as well as my observations. How was it for me and what could I share that would be of benefit to teachers in training. And always 'how could I do this better?' in what way can we learn more, see more and bring more awareness to the work.


I am part of the apprenticeship that is happening at the moment which takes place in Glastonbury and will also be part of the teacher training when it begins in 2011. For me this practice is so grounding and so powerful, there is such  a sense of connection to not just body and dance, but of community, environment and effective ways to serve the planet.


It's an ongoing process for me, never ceasing to amaze me with the  incredible depth of the constellation work of the seer and Phoenix  process's and the brilliant exercises that help me to unravel my own  life and continually put me back on track when I get a little lost.   Often they can be challenging but always deeply rewarding. My latest journey brought back to me a long awaited part of my soul, clearly ready to help me move on and step more fully into being ME!


I have always been so spontaneous, not a bad thing, but this  practice has really helped me to slow down and look at what is  really important in my life. And offering this work is one of them.   Even dancing more slowly (well I am 50 this year) has become so  incredibly delicious, I wonder at what I have been missing out on.


I moved to Brighton in SE England last January settling into a new  

home and lifestyle,  I have begun a series of classes in SE England 

and continue to hold workshops that include the teachings of Movement Medicine. I shall be in London teaching very soon.

I will let you know when they are if you would like to be in touch.  

So I look forward to dancing with some of you there.


Warm spring time wishes and love

Caroline x

0044 (0) 7702 513 679

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