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Issue: June 2010
The music is alive and lives inside me.

By Giulia

The music is alive and lives inside me.

It is dying to dance itself through me.

It is wanting to move me in ways I still dont know.

As the music plays, it takes me on journeys to people and places I once knew,

but they have been asleep for a thousand years.

It is the music of the dance that awakens them in me now.

And they surface from their slumber

and carry the energy of their life

into my limbs, my back, my thighs, my toes and eyes,

my hips, my belly, my head, my spirit.

They dance in me  and,  I let them.

I let go.

It is safe to let go here, in this circle of alchemists,

each one creating their own masterpiece through the dance,

with the spirit of the dance joining us and binding us into one.

In this space of hearts and holding and honouring of what is,

I give myself the permission to be with what is and dance it.

No performance, no masks, no pretence, no pushing, no pulling.

Just letting go and letting what is.............BE.........and move and speak through this body.


As I move, I begin to remember who I am and who all these beings in me are.

I begin to remember their legacy and stories that they share with me through the dance.

I re-connect with the place of no-mind, no judgement, no past, no future.

I let go and forget that I am here

And...... I just...... AM.........

Free, uninhibited, agile, blissful, timeless, beautiful, powerful.


When the tiredness creeps in, I listen and let the earth receive me,

my limbs give way to my back and belly and I move in a new way

that feels real and truthful and honest.

What freedom there is in being where I am at, in being who I am in each moment,

in really honouring what is and letting it be......... as it is!


We never stop talking, the music and I,

and the spirit of the dance is in each word, each breath, each gesture........

But .......I must be patient and wait for it to arrive,

kindly let it come and find me,

be still and let it move me.

And why not so, my life?

Why not like this, in the mundane world?

Yes, yes, yes, it is possible.

I see now that it is what I want.

This is the way of dancing with life -  stepping into the space and then stepping out

and letting life step in and then......... there is ease and flow and beauty.

The unknown beckons me to surrender

and all I know and hold onto, is this moment, and the next, and the next, and the next.

What is real in each moment, is the only truth, and I let it guide me.

When I get out of the way and let Spirit dance me,

the abundance of this inner well  bubbles through

and I being to know myself as so much more that what I thought I was.

I begin to let this being in me speak and move and act.

And there is ................ words.

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