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Issue: June 2010

By Ya'Acov

ďAfricans in general view the initiation process as a ritual process to ground the person with nature and iminyanya (ancestors). The initiate undergoes a process of transformation from the time she accepts the calling. It is therefore a journey of self-discovery on a spiritual plane, the results of which transpire into maturityÖ..Ē

Lily-Rose Nomfundo Mlisa. Traditional Xhosa Amagqirha (Traditional Healer)

Iím on my way back from my first visit to South Africa. This morning, I walked the steep road from the city up to the foot of Table Mountain and caught the cable car up to the top. What a place and what a view! From there, itís possible to see for miles and miles out to sea. I walked away from the crowds of people along the path to find a quiet place to sit and enjoy the splendour of the mountain. Mountain lizards darted about under the rocks, and beautifully and impossibly bright birds flew and sang. Those tourists in need of a little adrenalin (which for once didnít include me), took up the offer of abseiling off an edge with the ocean well over 1200 metres below. My feet hurt as if they were clinging on to the ground as I watched them.


I continued walking along the path, looking for a place to sit and enjoy being there, when one of the massive boulders that sit patiently, as if waiting for us busy-always-going-somewhere-else humans to slow down and enjoy the view with them, caught my eye. As I settled into my breath and dropped in to a more receptive state, a face slowly emerged from the rock.


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