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Issue: April 2010
A Moving Experience

By Roland

Well, we do live next to the South Devon Steam Railway and our small house, where the School of Movement Medicine office is housed, was once the railway gate-keepers cottage (a fact that has caused some disconcertion among those people who travel here expecting to find a large dance school!) and so a bit of shaking when trains pass is an everyday experience.

The whole house shook, plates rattled on the shelves, and Susanne shouted from upstairs “The train has jumped the rails!”


This shaking however was far greater than what we are normally used to.   We are also accustomed to having our telephone conversations interrupted by the loud double whistle the train makes every time it makes its way over the crossing.  For some, like David Taylor of the EarthSpirit Centre and steam railway fan, this adds a certain frisson to our telephone calls. 


In fact when I went outside it was hard to see exactly what had happened as nearly all the engine (far bigger than the normal saddle tank engines that are normally used on the line) and its carriages was in fact still on the rails.  It was just the front two wheels of the huge coal tender in front of the engine that had come off the rails.  Thankfully the train had been travelling very slowly over the crossing and so any major disaster had been prevented.


I was curious to see how they would deal with the situation.  First they brought in another engine to pull the carriages away from the train and then after numerous examinations of the rail they set about jacking up the very large and very full coal tender with a huge manual jack and after about 3 hours they got the wheels back on the track and very cautiously reversed the train back.  The next day they spent relaying the track and within 24 hours the line was back to normal and the large Black Standard 5 train, which was doing a tour of England and only up our little branch line because of the threatened rail strike, could proceed on its way..


And it is business as normal we hope for the School of Movement Medicine too.


Susannah’s Journey of Empowerment group which starts in May in Switzerland is now full and we have started a waiting list for those who have not yet got places.

There is a new film available of an extended interview with Susannah made in Prague at


There are still places for both the second and third module of Ya’Acov’s  Ritual Group.  The second Module is from June 17th – 24th - this will be the Vision Quest which will include two days and two nights out in the Dartmoor National Park.   Then from 28th September to 2nd Oct he will be offering the third module which is the Burial Ceremony and a one night Long Dance.  There are places available for both these modules and you can either book them together or individually.  They will both take place at the Rill Centre in South Devon. Contact me at for further details and booking forms.


Another major workshop which will take place here in Devon is Initiation.  This intensive workshop takes participants through the 9 life cycles from conception through to Death over a 9 day period.  The dates for this workshop are 3 – 12 September 2010.  Please note that the date for the early booking discount is May 1st so if you want to take advantage of this please contact me at for further details and booking forms.


Initiation is one of the key workshops which is a pre-requisite to the Apprenticeship programme and teacher training programme.  The next Apprenticeship programme will begin in Feb 2012 and we will be accepting the first batch of application for the programme in January 2011.  For all dates please go to this page on the Website. Please also read Susannah & Ya'Acov's invitation in this newsletter.


We still have some places left on the Summer Long Dance.  This not for profit event will take place in Somerset 2 – 6th July.  This a chance for you to come together in dancing community and prayer with many others from the Movement Medicine tribe and dance for both your own well-being and dreams, as well as for others and for the planet as as a whole.  Participants are expected to raise £200 for a charity project of their choice.  The present Apprenticeship group has decided to make Survival International the main beneficiary of the money that it raises through the Summer Long Dance.  There are application forms for this event.  If you would like one please contact me at


Also coming up.


28th April  Susanah will be teaching Move! in Antwerp.  Contact Luc +32 61 32 99 20 for more details


30th April – 2nd May  Susannah will be teaching Rock My Soul in Padua, Italy.  Contact Maria-Grazia on +39 347 2446411 for more details.


On the same weekend 30th April – 2nd May  Ya’Acov will be teaching E-Motion in Luzern, Switzerland.  This workshop is now full but to go on the waiting list please contact Katriona on +41 33 676 2708

In May Ya’Acov will be teaching Source in Dublin on the weekend of 7th – 9th.  Contact David at +353 86054655 for more details and to book.

Then on 14th – 16h May he will be teaching the first Movement Medicine workshop in South Africa.  Contact Jayne on +27 766963527 to book and for more details.

A week later he will be back in Europe and teaching Source in The Netherlands 21st – 23rd May.  Contact Frank   +31 71 8893253

Then at the end of month he will be London running a Move! evening on 24th May   Contact Alex + 44 7868842219 and also teaching and doing a Movement Medicine demonstration/performance on the stage with some Movement Medicine Apprentices at the Mind Body Spirit festival on the 30th May. 

Susannah will teaching E-Motion Wild Life in Berlin on 28 -30th May.  Kathrin +49 30 28458820


Wishing you a joyful Spring



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