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Issue: April 2010
Disappointment and the Dreamer

By Hannah Mackay

You are my ally,
For underneath you lies hope.
Down, deep, deep in the hopeful dark
Something starts to bubble up;
Finds tiny form between sea-bed sand
And starts to rise.

Tiny bubbles, tiny worlds of
Crazy schemes and daring dreams
For working in teams and new ice-creams;
Schools full of love, dancing angels above;
Visions of stars and fuel-less cars;
A winter of snow, tomatoes that grow;
A beautiful death; the power of the breath;
Friends dear to my heart; poetical art;
A world full of trees; a soul set free...
Tiny bubbles, tiny worlds
Rising up into the light
Sent on my breath into summer skies;
Feeling the force of my intention,
Powered, projected through stormy clouds.
I follow with mind and heart and body,
Action, passion to bring them to life.
Tiny bubbles, tiny worlds
Sometimes caught on a current and lifted high
Shining bright and visible,
Growing, becoming, changing the world.
Sometimes joining countless others,
Buoyant and jostling, looking for space.
Sometimes seen by another dreamer,
Finding a place in another heart.
But sometimes falling.
Often, mostly, falling.
Tiny bubbles, tiny worlds
Meeting nothing;
Seeds that never found their ground;
Making nothing, not this time.
Bubbles falling.
Falling through my heart.
I ask my mind to see,
And let them fall.
Let them in, let them go.
Maybe something to learn.
Always something to feel.
The dreamer, not wrong.
The bubble, not wrong.
Just falling.
Down, down to the welcoming sea-bed.
Let it go.
Let it rest.
Let it lie in hope.
Let it die in hope.
Dreams down in the darkness.
In a place beyond place.
In a time before time.
Down deep, deep in the hopeful dark
New bubbles are forming.
Hannah Mackay

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