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Issue: April 2010
Movement Medicine Book

By Kari Fjällström

I’d been cleared off the stage of my own life. And I was not a compassion witness.

I’d been taught and believed that I must be Somebody and knew I was failing. Being her had become a prison. Being her had become a living death. So I wanted and needed to break out. Life is my guide and master – not the little life, but the life force. I cracked and broke open and gradually a new being emerged – first as energy.

I needed safety and quiet and deep concentration to give birth to myself. It began when I sensed the energy and then captured it in small, small movements. It continues channeled by insights, new rituals, experiments and incantations.


Among my allies in this process is the book Movement Medicine. For me the book is a complement to Ya’Acov and Susannah’s wonderful ritual retreats. During the retreats I train at the deep inner focus on feeling breathed into form, and enjoy Ya’Acov’s chanting and drumming, Susannah’s clear gentle guidance, the beautiful alters with candles, crystals, feathers, water and plants and the intensity and warmth of the a floor full of dancing beings. And the book is for me a wonderfully practical tool to have as I study on my own – it depicts well the paths and the concepts we’ve worked on together –the Elements, Soul Loss, Chambers of the Heart, Vision Quests… For dancer/seekers like myself who can’t keep pace with their inspiring talks, Movement Medicine is a great resource. Much of the map we’d traveled, sung, and danced is described in the book in detail - and with examples!


My favorite sections are the rituals that Susannah and Ya’Acov have collected and refined. These rituals - from many cultures - vary in complexity from meditations before sleeping (admittedly I am usually asleep before the end!), researching and creating a collage of ancestors, to all day outings in nature. I find these exercises very inspiring. I am discovering that the practice of sacred dance and song make life possible, make my life bearable. I just keep at it - pulling off bands of grief, shame, fear and resentment – and dancing, dancing with life, dancing with all the beings of the universe, and beyond that with the un-manifested, with the mystery!


I warmly recommend you read Movement Medicine. There’s lots of inspiring material in it to ponder and to dance!

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