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Issue: April 2010
See Through Diamonds and Shining Like Spring

By Ali Young

Last Thursday about 40 of us gathered at the beautiful Rill  Farm to begin this year’s Ritual modules, with the SEER  process. Assisted by the beautiful Sian and the lovely  David, Ya’acov was about to teach us all how to go retrieve  Systemic Essential Energy, which we had leaked, lost,  dropped or generally mislaid during experiences which we  had found difficult .

It is generally understood, in both the  therapeutic and the shamanic paradigms that trauma and  distress which we have experienced in our past and have  been unable to fully express at the moment of its occurring  becomes locked in the body or lost somehow as freely  available life energy, often causing what the shamanic  paradigm calls soul loss. The good news is that we can recall  it, thereby retrieving what has been lost, often during  moments of pain, restoring strength, energy and integrity to  our circle of reality, body, mind and heart.


As is always the case the Great Choreographer had  assembled a stalwart crew, all having made time in their busy  schedules to provide each other with whatever requisite  mirroring we all needed. You couldn’t have planned  it.....unless, of course, you are the Great Choreographer, in  which case you just sort out the travel arrangements....  We had been asked to prepare in several ways; by writing  our personal story(as someone who has been writing for  over 20 years, I strongly recommend the healing power of  writing to anyone who might be unfamiliar with it....just put  pen to’s a kind of dancing with ink), making a list of  situations we wished to resolve and creating an object which  represented our strengths, weaknesses and overall intention  for healing that week.


The longer I’m alive the more I realize that everything, we  do, think, feel and intend, affects everything else. Although,  once again, I was present in the group with the dual role of  participant observer and researcher, and even although I  am trained as a shamanic practitioner myself and have been  fortunate enough to have retrieved many of my scattered  fragments already, I still went through a very intense  personal process last week. Thankfully, I am long past my  victim phase and it was important to me to write my story in a  way which reflects the beauty and the magic which is my life,  as well as acknowledging what still needs some work. A large  element of the whole process was working with our support  group in order to share these stories, as well as the  unfolding of the week’s work. In truth, some of the mirrors I  saw there were a challenge for me and I began the week  wondering whether I was avoiding some of my pain by  choosing to edit some of the more traumatic factual events  of my life. I concluded later that this was a concern rather  than a truth and was delighted to observe the energetic  power of my words when having described my overall  essential soul essence as wild unfettered laughter, my  support group were rolling around the floor before I even  got to read that to them. BE VERY CAREFUL HOW YOU  DESCRIBE YOURSELF. IT SHAPES LIFE!!! I also shared  with people that my overall intention for the week, apart  from getting some good interviews was to have a REALLY  good laugh. And so it came to pass. Remember, we can  choose to have fun. Imagine what it would be like if we all  did. Heaven on Earth, that’s what interests me. I don’t want  to wait till I’m dead.


The other fascinating strength of this particular body of  work is that, as well as working with the Movement Medicine  mandala, it includes all the current resources of the dancer  doing the work(play) and allows an opportunity for the  body to engage with a deep physical process which enables  a very full “clearing” of whatever the original upset was. If  you can imagine the amazingly powerful combination of  having your story witnessed, with the pleasure and support  of the dance, the space to let go as fully as you need to and  the spiritual framework to call upon total assistance, then  you’ve got the SEER process. It is both a very powerful and  impressive tool and a method which offers wholly integrated  healing.


Speaking to my 5 year old son on the phone on the  Sunday morning, just before I entered into what would be a  very deep process, he said to me, “I’ve got a joke for you  Mum, What do you call a diamond with no colour in it? “I  don’t know, what do you call a diamond with no colour in it?”  “A see through diamond!....I’ve got another one for you  Mum, What do you call a see through diamond?” “I don’t  know, what do you call a see through diamond? “A diamond  you can see through!” Referred to in traditional shamanism  as being a hollow bone, the level of clarity to which he so  wisely refers is a place of presence and being, which requires  an ongoing commitment to the polishing process. The more  of our emotional toxins we can take responsibility for  cleaning up the more possible it becomes to see and act  from the strong eye of the heart and to respond simply,  lovingly and elegantly to whatever is around us.


My deep thanks to mandala man Ya’ the (sha) my interviewees past and future, to my dear old  friend Sian whom it was so lovely to see again, to my  husband for fort holding, to Scott and Inma at Exeter  University for being courageous enough to take me on as a  student(eek), to Roland for his sweet support, to  Sussanah, especially for Party for God, which has been a  musical life line for me this last month, to the people and land  at Rill, to my support group who mirrored what needed to be  seen, to all who journeyed alongside and above all to life  past, present and future.


Ali Young


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