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Issue: April 2010
The Phoenix Process

By Anne Katharina Zahn

The Phoenix Process feels like a huge journey into my own soul, heart and ego. I feel grateful for having been given a huge tool box and a recipe how to work with patterns, “beliefs” that limit my life or even take away my freedom and that keep me holding back living my full potential.

Nevertheless the journey afterwards is pretty tough, my senses are much more online as in the time I have been a child that makes me more available, I am more receptive, which is great and at the same time I am facing a huge vulnerability. I feel I come in similar situations as in my childhood, I say things that are uncomfortable to others and show my personal values, I react more easily that causes conflicts. At first  it feels unusually, and a red alarm says: “ You are not O.K. you are too much for others” and then something new sparkles: “ No, you are you, you can only live your life, nobody else can do it and in order to change you have to go through these uncomfortable situations in order to let go.” Coming home and working directly with my boss is the biggest challenge, how dealing with narcissistic and impulsive behaviour? Colleagues say step back say that he is always right ?! No I cannot I am not willing to give up my own way of being, so my first strategy is listening and watching and hopefully finding my way in all of this.

New is a deep pain and sadness about my father, my relationship to men, I pray for healing but as I have mentioned before I have to feel it in order to open up. In deep gratitude for my wonderful teachers Ya acov, Susannah and Caroline and to my wonderful travel companions each one of you have a place in my heart. Anne

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