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Issue: March 2010 Newsletter

Not Losing Ya’Acov

By Roland

A few days ago I went out with Ya’Acov to look at a possible vision quest site on Dartmoor

“Um – excuse me,” I hear you ask, “Didn’t you write about something very similar a few issues ago in an article entitled ‘Losing Ya’Acov’.

And yes, you are right, I did. But the trouble was that although we had found a site which we both agreed was good, we later found out that we both privately shared some misgivings about its suitability, which both of us hadn’t shared at the time.

Now, I do realise that the title of this piece, ‘Not Losing Ya’Acov,’ rather lacks dramatic appeal.  However please read on ...

I will tell you of the lone raven, we watched from the top of hill, flying north to the higher ground where snow was still lying on the ground, crying with that distinctive raven rasping caw as he went.  I will tell you, too, of the small wood that we found, where Ya’Acov squatted down his haunches and declared that this was the perfect spot for his base camp.   Then, there was the delightful small stone circle where Ya’Acov sat with his back against a stone facing north and I sat facing south and I asked if he could envision what kind of ceremonies would have taken place there thousands of years ago.  And we talked about the passing of the seasons, the marking of solstice celebrations, the sowing of crops and of the strong connections that these people would have had with the land and the landscape.


It was though too cold to linger long anywhere.  But we did stop again and I sat on my plastic map cover and ate my pasty and Ya’Acov sat on his coat and ate nothing at all.  It was then that I had a clear memory of visiting that very spot with a friend  nearby nearly 30 years ago.  I could feel the precise qualities of that June day  – the white woolly clouds, the scattered trees in fresh leaf, the rocks dotting the hillside, the wooded valley stretching up  towards the higher moor beyond.  I realized it might just be like that memory when and if – as we still need to check whether we can definitely use this place - we return to this place this coming June to bring people here for the Vision Quest.


Oh – you are little disappointed there is no humour here?  OK let me tell you that we also took Susannah and Ya’Acov’s delightful black Labrador dog called Tali.  Ya’Acov had explained to me that he would need to keep her on the lead as she has not been trained not to chase sheep yet.


“But,”  he added, “I do have a special training technique to stop dogs chasing sheep that I wish to try out that Susannah has told me about.”


Now I should tell you that Susannah is the one who has a very strong connection with animals and who has done an excellent job training both their present dog and their previous one.  This is not to say that Ya’Acov doesn’t do his dog bit – it is just that Susannah is the acknowledged expert in this field.


So for a while during our walk, were on the lookout for some sheep to try out this technique out on.  For most of the time sheep are remarkably unintelligent animals but the sheep that were around on this part of the moor that day seemed to be atypically alert and, as if they knew something was up, kept a good distance from us.  Finally, however, we came across two unsuspecting sheep near a stream.   Ya’Acov immediately put his plan into operation and allowed Tali to approach the sheep by releasing her extendable lead.  Tali went forward cautiously and for a moment I thought that nothing was going to happen.  Then one of the sheep looked up from the clump of grass it was eating and decided that the dog was now too close for its personal comfort and so it bolted off with the fellow sheep just behind it.

Tali, of course, now started to run and just  when the extendable lead had extended to full length, Ya’Acov gave a violent double handed yank on the other end of the lead.  At this point the scene changed into something resembling a children’s TV cartoon and time seemed to slow so that I was able to observe clearly what was happening at both end of the dog-lead.  At the dog-end of the lead Tali was momentarily halted. But it takes quite a lot of strength to stop a young fit Labrador in full pursuit of sheep and, as if in a prepared demonstration of Newtonian laws of motion, her body then continued forward towards the sheep.  At the human end of the extendable dog lead Ya’Acov’s upper body was now pulled forward so much that it seemed inevitable that he was going to end with his face in the mud.  But his years spent on the dance floor now paid their dividend and with two deft steps and a skip he was fully upright and had brought the whole 'Ya’Acov–dog lead–Tali dog' machine to an absolute halt. 


“Well,” he said with his wonderful optimism that I so admire in him, “I think that should do it!  I rather doubt she will ever want to chase sheep after that!”


“Mmm,” I replied, “I’m not sure that dog training works quite like that but you never know.  Lets see what the dog expert says when she returns from teaching in Poland.”


If you want to join Ya’Acov  for the Vision Quest Module  17 – 24th June of the Ritual Group (no dog training lesson included) please contact me for an application form.  We also still have places left on the other modules of the Group which are the SEER process 18th – 23rd March or The Burial Ceremony on Sept 28th – Oct 5th.  01803 762255. 


Meanwhile Susannah’s Ongoing Group, Journey of Empowerment, which starts in Switzerland in May is just about full.  At the time of writing this article there are just a few places left so please do act fast if you would like to join.  Contact me for an application form  01803 762255.


For those of you who are contemplating joining the next Apprenticeship group which starts in Jan 2012, you really need to start planning now how you are going to do the pre-requisite workshops in time.  These pre-requisites are Initiation and the Phoenix Retreat and at least one ongoing group (preferably Journey of Empowerment) and if possible the Ritual Group as well.  Dates for all these pre-requisite workshop will soon be on the website programme of events (both for this year as well as next year).  If you haven’t already done Initiation then you should consider doing it this year.  The dates are 3rd – 12th September.  The date for the early payment discount is May 1st.  Please either download an application form from the website or ask me to send you one.


Coming up soon are:


Mind Body Spirit Festival in Dublin on the 14th March.  Susannah and Ya’Acov will both be giving a talk and running a dance session on this day.


Return of the Light in Manchester.  Ya’Acov will be teaching this weekend workshop.  To book and for queries contact Elaine on 0161 881 2644.  Booking instructions can be found on the card which you can see by clicking on Return of the Light


Early next month Susannah will be running the Sanctuary Retreat for women in the Austrian Alps from 8 -11 April.  This workshop is residential.  We don’t offer this workshop very often so do take this opportunity to take part if you. Please contact Andrea 0043 664 380 8073 for more details etc.


And Ya’Acov will be teaching Source in London from 9 -11 April.  We have extended the early payment deadline to 10th March.  So if you want to go you will get a discount if you get your payment off promptly.  Organiser:  Alex 07868842219


Finally, I would like to remind you about the Awakening workshop which is being taught by both Susannah and Ya’Acov.  It will take place in South Devon 13th – 17th April. This workshop is not residential but we do have an accommodation list of local places to stay.  This workshop is suitable for both those with experience of the Movement Medicine work as well those who are new to the practice. 


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Awakening feedback:


"The medicine works! I received inspiration and creative power to deal with a very challenging situation which awaited my return home. The result is turning out unbelievably different from anything I experienced in my life up to now. I loved the harnessing of the conscious mind as one of our key resources in directing where we are putting our attention."Kat Forrester, Events Organiser


"A breath of fresh air to me as newcomer! Great to be 'allowed' to dance and follow our inner spirit freely without judgement. The contents of the course were skilfully arranged, and beautifully guided by Ya'Acov and Susannah. The music was great and moved me to the core." Nadia Smith de Nekludoff, Tui Na & Qigong / Cranio-Sacral Practitioner


Please either follow the instruction on the flier or contact me Roland on 01803 762255 or if you want to book for Awakening.


So that’s all from me for now from South Devon where Spring is valiantly trying to begin but wind still blows coldly.






Spring Cometh and Life Says Go on, Grow!
By Ya'Acov

I had a very funny experience at
Hamburg station when I was arriving recently for a Dancing with the Heart of the World workshop. I’d spent all day on the train travelling from home and I’d had a good journey. The last four hours from Koln were on a train with no power points for my laptop (yippee!) and so, since the carriage I was in was virtually empty, I’d been playing my guitar for hours.

We got to Hamburg about 11.45 at night. The train pulled in to the station and stopped. I pressed the button to open the train door and lo and behold, nothing happened. I pressed it again and again, nothing. I turned, looking for a conductor, someone to help…..nobody there! One more press and very slowly, the door whined itself open. I quickly lowered my big and heavy suitcase on to the platform and turned round to get back on to retrieve my drums. Door closed. Door wouldn’t open. I shout for help. Nobody appears to be around. It’s like being in a dream. I press the button a few more times and once again, the door slowly gives way. I jump on to get my drum bag and turn round, relieved, to jump off. Uh-oh! Door closed. Door wouldn’t open. I shout for help again, and…..nothing. And then, to my astonishment, the train starts to pull out of the station with me on it and my suitcase sitting like a lonely sentinel on the empty platform. I shout and press the button one more time and amazingly, even though the train is in slow motion, the door opens. I prepare to leap and am just on my way when someone grabs my arm – the conductor has appeared from nowhere and is shouting at me in German something that I roughly translate as: “Are you crazy!”  I sit down, momentarily defeated, wave goodbye to my suitcase and ring Jens, the King of Calm. He is at the station waiting and yes, he can see my bag on the platform, and yes, he can drive to the next station, only 7 minutes away and meet me there, where my bag and I can be happily reunited. Oh, the joys of travelling!


It’s all worth it though. 2010 is a busy year for me, perhaps the busiest yet. For a couple of weeks, I had been amazed at my own capacity to make decisions shrouded in the fog of my understudies when it comes to planning my year. This was unceremoniously revealed by a great process we did at the second module of our apprenticeship in January. Our dear friend Jake had given us a great tool that we adapted which helps to highlight our immunity to change. We’ll be working with it at the Phoenix Retreat in March (still places left – what are you waiting for?). The process usually reveals something a touch on the embarrassing side. Hopefully, with a sense of humour, we can take this on and use it as the starting point for the Phoenix Process, which is the tool that we have created for finding compassion for our understudies, releasing core patterning and calling the intelligence of the soul to take it’s place as the star of the show! The Phoenix Process grew out of the S.E.E.R Process (Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval) which I will be teaching at Module One of my ongoing group Ritual which starts in March (again – what are you waiting for?). The S.E.E.R process is a very effective tool for emptying out the effects of old stories and retrieving our essential energy from where it may have become locked up in past experiences. Anyways, I digress. It turns out to my astonishment (but no-one else’s!) that for some part of me that has the ability to take over the planning of my life, life is a competition! And, what’s more, if I don’t win it, I will have to wallow in the unwelcome mud of worthlessness! Oh dear! That’s not a pretty piece of illumination but once I’d got over the embarrassment I felt, I could start to understand where this stressy feeling that had started to creep in was coming from. And then, thanks to a very simple and strong dream about the salmon, the spirit keeper of the Chamber of Surrender in the Movement Medicine heart mandala, I have been able to reframe this picture and whoosh, my life energy and joy in the prospects ahead for 2010 returned in a flash. And, as well as that, I’ve had a tad more consciousness when it’s come to planning 2011! Result!


I am continually astonished at my own and our collective ability for an unpredictable blend of stupidity and brilliance. By the time we are adults, we really are deeply responsible for creating our own perceptions of reality. And, we have been given an amazing set of tools for our journey here on planet earth. The body is astonishing as a vehicle for experience and expression, the heart unmatchable in its ability to stretch and stretch again as we start to understand the deepest medicine we have access to. What’s that? L.O.V.E love of course! And the mind, once freed from its incessant rehashing of old stories, is the perfect radio receiver for the new information we need to be able to create a different outcome for ourselves and of course, for all or relations, especially our descendants.


What’s more, we’ve been given the perfect fuel to link these three old friends so that we can indeed, become more conscious of what we are choosing to dedicate our lives too. What is that fuel? Look around you. Spring is coming. The sap is rising. Feel it? You got it. Sex. It’s all about sex. How do we treat this divine gift of sexual energy? How to move through and past a couple of thousand years of conditioning that have led us to have such a distorted relationship with our sexual energy based on guilt, blame and shame. How to recover the natural innocence, passion and creativity that gives us the capacity to be empowered co-creators in the dance of life?


The principles of relationship are the same, whether they are to do with relationship between our own body-heart-mind, or relationship with our lovers, colleagues and friends, or relationship with the community of life on earth, or relationship with the spirit world or relationship with the divine. And the principles of relationship can be learned and what a pity they are not number one on the school curriculum – well not yet anyway. We’re very excited to be starting work on a new book on this subject this year. Relationship and a healthy dynamic polarity between feminine and masculine are right at the heart of our work. Maybe we should call it creationship. Susannah and I just taught Space Between Us II for couples who had already done the workshop before. It went very deep as it always does.


My good friend Chris Luttichau came over the other day. He’d just done an interview about his thoughts on the upcoming adventure otherwise known as 2012. Not the film 2012, which a friend told me was two hours of adrenalized brainwashing nonsense which may have been better titled: ‘Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!’ He asked me what I felt about it. I told him that I felt we were increasingly being asked to move to another level of recognising our interconnection with the rest of life on earth. I said that things did indeed feel to me like they were intensifying and speeding up and that I felt inside myself a continuing invitation to keep cleaning the windows of perception and bring more simplicity and harmony to bear in all areas of life. And as we went on talking, it kept on coming down to the relationship between feminine and masculine and between polarities. In many ways, it seems to me as if everything is polarising more. At the same time, I feel that there is an awakening going on to the dangers of continuing to live in a story of separation from each other and life. Things are happening so fast that it’s impossible to predict what may happen next week, let alone in 2012. In any case, we are walking a thin line and every choice we make matters more because of this. And the more conscious we can become about the story we are telling about our lives, and the story we are telling through our actions, the better it is for the intelligence of life within us, between us and all around us. If we can create moments of dynamic peace within us and between us, we are creating a template for an outcome that may make us shiver with delight rather than cower in fear.


And yes, our sexual energy and our relationship to it is a major key. Just like any other man, I’ve had to do a lot of purifying of the education I received about sex. I’ve had to track the source of addictions and attitudes that were equally hurtful to myself and those I have been in relationship with. And that journey continues.


Over the next few weeks, I will be teaching several weekends connected to the arrival of spring. In Paris and Manchester, I’ll be teaching Return of the Light and in London, I’ll be teaching Source, which focuses on the dance of sexual energy. And in April, there’s a chance to work with Susannah and myself together as we take a journey through the basics of Movement Medicine in Awakening in Devon. I hope to see you and to dance with you and share this great adventure, opportunity and responsibility to consciously create a world worthy of the beauty we all have within us.


I wish you all springtime blessings. With L.O.V.E and respect,

Ya’Acov. February 2010.


P.S. Just received this from a good friend and thought it would be good to pass it on to all true and proud of it tree huggers!



I recently started using an internet search engine that saves 2m² (2.4yd²) of rainforest with each web search I do. Their search results are as good as Google or Yahoo, and it’s free.

The address is:

So far Ecosia has saved 31,788,444 m² (38,018,979 yd²) of rainforest! Check it out and forward this email to your friends. It’s never been so easy to be green...




On and On
By Susannah

We’re on the last bit of train journey home. Another long voyage, this time together. It is late, and dark, and I am tired. I lean against my love, Ya’Acov. I feel his warmth, his strength, his presence, his breath, his spirit. Side by side, so many years and still here. I’m so grateful for the new gentleness which is unfolding between us. I want to kiss him more than ever.

Thank god (and our own “hanging in there!) for the ongoing adventure of relationship. We’re now in our 24th year together, which is over half my life; mind boggling! But what is more amazing and beautiful than that is how the discovery of more depth, fun, intimacy, love and sweetness goes on going on. We’ve been turning another corner in our relationship and discovering so much more love, again. Its as if we keep arriving in a room, and make it ours, and then, after a while, find another door which leads to another room, and so on and on. As our life and shared work develops I am so grateful to be sharing the journey with him. How we have together created the garden in which we each have grown.

So it was a good time for us to offer the first ever Level II Space Between Us Couple’s workshop which we just did in Switzerland. We’ve had a lot of enquiries from couples who couldn’t attend this one (as they hadn’t done Level I). We run this workshop just once a year, the next one is in February 2011; Waldhaus.

I just did a little tour: Olten (Fusion), then Ya’Acov arrived and we had a few days together before the Space Between Us couples workshop, then we gave a Pachamama Symposium, and then Ya’Acov came home via a Move! evening in London and me via DanSing in Prague. Then home to the embrace of our beloved house, each other and our dog Tali.

I was so, so moved by the simplicity and power of all these workshops, and realised again how deeply the life of the dance can reflect and transform the dance of life. The theme of polarities kept showing up, as well as the value of feeling safe, in order for healing and transformation and new learning to happen.

Working with Yin and Yang, and with the image of divine (cosmic) mother and father went so deep in Fusion, then the dance between partners in The Space Between Us and seeing how deeply we long to love and be loved, and once we know we are safe, we can let go the fear and the healing can arise. How in the dance of couple-hood we can be each other’s healers or harmers, and what an ongoing, poignant, life making or life deadening choice that is, and how we often simply don’t know HOW to do what we want do deeply to do.

And then the Pachamama Symposium (more in other article) and then to Prague, where the depth of song blew me away. Listen to them!

This is on the second day of the workshop, they could sing! There was a very powerful and beautiful men’s section in this workshop, it was so, so beautiful to see, feel and hear them, with their arm’s ‘round each other, expressing their strength, passion and gentleness. One of the men moved us all by saying that singing like this was the first time he had ever felt he could fully express his male power in a way which he was sure was not destructive.  The key for this, of course, for all of us, men and women, is the balance of listening and voicing. That is why, in my opinion, singing together in harmony is such a wonderful way of practising co-creation. Listening is the key, to yourself and to the whole, and at the same you need to be clear and confident in your own part, your difference, and once this is established there can be a wonderful weaving of awareness of whole and parts. Co-creation is practised, experienced physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and becomes an offering of beauty.

Susannah DK








About the Earth and the Sun

This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

By Roy Freeman

I recently participated in Susannah's "Fusion" dance workshop in Olten, Switzerland. There we danced our connection to the great grandmother and great grandfather, the Earth and the Sky/Sun and beyond. I found many connections new and old, and thank Susannah for a really great two days of movement that returned me to some deep places in myself.  I am a trained natural scientist (a geophysicist; that is, I study the physical processes of the Earth, things like Plate Tectonics, earthquakes, and mountain building.

I co-authored the book: "A Continent Revealed" published by the Cambridge University Press in 1992). Susannah encouraged me to share some of the thoughts and feelings that I rediscovered during that weekend dance with the readers of this Newsletter. Here is one real story:

We all know that we walk on this Earth, we are nourished by her and receive energy from the Sun that fuels our dance and life movements. As you dance your relationships to Nature, it perhaps might be inspirational to ask: where did all this Earth come from? Where does the calcium in my bones, the oxygen I breathe, the iron that makes my blood red, actually come from? From the Earth, of course. But where did it come from before that? All these atoms in the Earth, in the air we breathe, in our bodies, in our blood, all this comes from the stars! Only the incredible heat generated by the nuclear fusion (!) energy in the center of a star can "melt or infuse subatomic particles (neutrons, protons, electrons, quarks and whatever is there) into atoms. The nearest star is of course "our" Sun. Certainly much of the original material of the Earth (now in our bodies) came from our Sun, but not all. Since the time the proto-Earth was gathering together by gravitational attraction, she has been continually inundated by cosmic dust, tiny meteorites from other stars in all parts of the universe. This amounts to tons of cosmic material per day! (For my dissertation, I dissolved limestone from deep-sea sediments and uncovered these tiny meteorites and took photographs of them with the electron microscope, so I know they exist!) So when you are breathing, when you are dancing, you are moving stardust! Think of that. Bring that to your dancer and let it power your movements. Star medicine in moving human form!



Another story: The energy from the Sun is not the only reason life exists and is sustained on Earth. Warmth from the Sun only penetrates a few meters into the Earth's surface. But if you dig down, go into a cave or in a mine, you quickly notice that it gets warmer the deeper you go! If it were not for this warmth, the surface of the Earth would slowly freeze and enter a state of permafrost, the oceans would be iced over and life as we know it today would not be possible. But where does this heat come from? The rest of the heat from the fiery melt of the proto-Earth has been cooling down over the last 5 billion years and is not enough to heat up the surface of the Earth to the average annual temperature range 12-18°C needed for life as we know it to survive. The answer is not simple, but fascinating. It needed a bit of Earth history, atomic physics, and plate tectonics to figure out and tells an amazing story of how everythings is interconnected and not only rhythmic but irreversible processes are necessary for life.  It is like this.... oops, I have got to get moving now and will let you know in later Newsletter!


(A bit about myself: I lead field trips to rivers and mountains to bring these amazing slow-moving natural processes into our everyday experience and open up Nature as one amazing teacher about who we are in the big - and small - sense. For instance, in southern Switzerland we go to where you can touch the rocks where the ancient continent of Europe touches (!) the rocks of the ancient continent of Africa; or to the Pilatus mountain near Lucerne where the limestones tell us the story of the great rhythmic climate changes (that continue today) and we can read directly from them how life in the ocean reacted to those changes 100 million years ago. For more information on the excursions, you can visit, they are open to everyone!  On you can read some personal thoughts on Paracelsus who wrote around 1540 about the stars in our blood.)




My Return of the Light
By Didier Perrouault

On February 26-28th I was in Paris for the "Return of the Light" workshop with Ya'Acov... Though I had known about this workshop only at the end of 2009, I could feel now that I had waited for this moment all my Life... and maybe even more ! ;-)

And though the beginning was on Saturday morning, I could feel that this workshop had begun for me much before that.

In a more practical way my ‘conscious’ preparation began just a month before, in Warsaw ("For All Our Relations" workshop), where I had become more aware of an ancient and painful wound which physically was in my lower back… It was so dark to me that I instinctively felt that the “Return of the Light” could maybe help me… and even if I couldn’t tell what would happen on the French annual event of Ya’Acov’s magical mystery tour I was at least hoping for healing… and trusted that whatever would happen would be perfect…


Every day for a month I called for Light, putting a candle on my Altar…

During that month I experienced a clear need to let go ancient ways of behaving... Based on that old dark wound... I experienced quite a number of occasions where it was so obvious (sometimes caricatural!) that I had to change… I had to show up and be true to my self (instead of forcing myself to things I no longer ‘needed’ nor wanted… so that the other people were “happy”). But I didn’t know how to do!!!


And on Friday that was the beginning.

Back to basics. Re-connecting to the Earth inside me. To the Fire inside me, with the Earth melting and that became a volcano... The Fire from the Earth... Wow... I was it. I was it!!! That was so good... And even I sometimes felt a lack of fluidity I knew that something was different….

After that ‘Move’ session, as well as a resting night such as I hadn't had for sooo long, now was a new day.


On Saturday morning, during the warm-up session… things changed… As my brother and friend Cyrill began to dance with me I felt a deep fragility in my body... We began to exchange in movement... Exchange… and at a certain point, I just knew that now was possible to let go and to leave the Ancient to the 'hands' of the mimosa tree (it was at the center of the dancing room)… I could leave it to the hands of the mimosa tree if I also sent Light…

That was so intense, I just couldn't do but melt into tears and lay down. Tears. Soft, deep, good tears, as an intense 'good bye', an 'adieu'... Liberation tears.

When I then got up back to movement, I didn't well realize what had happened but my eyes just met the eyes of Ya'Acov who nodded at me. I knew I was now freed.

Strange thing... But that was true. I could feel it deep inside my body. I could feel a freedom of movement in my low back and hips which I had never felt. Never ever. I was free. And now I could experiment, dance, integrate it so that I could take care of that space where Light could now flow... I was free.


The rest of the workshop was, for me, a series of experiences about the light that could now be… how I could now dance… how I could take care about the Light… how I could protect it… how I could expand… how I could be the elements with that light… How I could ask for healing… with that light… call for guidance… with that light…


The workshop ended on Sunday… Sun-day… a day with Light.


During that workshop, a wall collapsed. And let the Sun shine on it.


On Sun-Day... So much energy was in me and asked to dance freely. So much that it was impressive. Sometimes so much that I was a little bit afraid of what could happen if I allowed myself to let it be and move and express.... In fact, no, that wasn't it. My head was afraid, my body knew it was now possible. Now that darkness let place to emptiness and freedom and pure light. Everything was now possible. I knew it.




I am so thankful…
To ... In fact, to my self (whatever odd it might be for the previous Didier to thank me first ! ;-)), for attending that workshop and striving on my path towards Light and to showing up, living and respecting the essence of my self.
I am so thankful to the Dancing Community, visible and invisible...
I am so thankful to Ya'Acov & Susannah, for the space they create and hold is a secure magical transformation caldron that makes everything we need possible.
I am also thankful to you who are reading this article, for you also dare to make a step after one other towards your inner truth, towards your Light, towards who you really are... The more we are to do so, the more beauty we bring into this world, for ourselves, for our beloved ones and for all our relations...

With Love... And More light than ever ;-)



PS: A great video that I've just discovered and that I'd like to share

The next Return of the Light workshop is being held in Manchester 26th - 28th March.  For more details and to book contact Elaine on +44 161 881 2644

Fusion - Olten

By Elisabeth Käufeler-Schrag

I love dancing and the way of possibility to be in contact with movement and the health inside. My daily lifework has become so easy in the last month and year. Thank you Susannah, and Ya’Acov for your big, huge, "grandios" (in german)(I don't know how to say it in other, better words) work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and yes, yes, yes to the life like it forms in this every day processes.

Again, this weekend was a big adventure. To dance the feminine and masculine energy was not new, though I was excited to find myself in a completely new version of it.


First this meeting-myself and others in our small support groups, was a deep experience. To find sculptures of what we felt, gave the spoken words a really new quality and another deepening.


That brought us together and at the same time set us free.


Then, when I danced with the great mother, it was so clear and strong and I felt so many of her qualities in myself. I loved it and loved to meet other facets in the dance of other people.


So the dance until then was a harmonic thing. Therefore I never expected what happened with me, when the dance of the big father started.


I was really open to let occur, what has to be and stated to dance this completely other quality.  


The music changed and suddenly there were shouts like in a war from soldiers and it was loud and there where no possibility to extract myself. And big hot tears began to   run over my face. I ran through the dancing folk and let it come out. I asked myself, why this energy so often had to bring death and misery to this world.  


The whole life from my personal father came up to my mind. He as a young man had to go to be a soldier in the 2. World war and was affected for the rest of his life and my whole childhood was mirrored of this war. Was that a worthy life????? This question comes in my mind. Big sadness was coming from the ground of my soul searched its way up to the surface level.


was not prepared for that. And than I always told myself, that was the story of my father. And it’s gone. 


Now is now and this energy can also used in another way! I don't have to wear the weight of all this any more. Than I could say thank you, papa, that you gave me this life as your gift. And it was worth to be, yes!!!! Thank you.  


Thank you, papa, thank you big father thank you Susannah thank you thank you thank you und yes!!!!


The next day, on Sunday the dancing energy in myself was completely different.  When we danced the feminine suddenly it took me to the dervish dance like it does other times and from the deepest point of my soul and body there came up a big shout of  "YES, YES, YES, and THANK YOU, Thank YOU, THANK YOU, and I dance for all of us for the whole world.  With all the deep possibilities of embodiments.   


Than the big moment of the dance with the great father. And there was no hint now of sadness or anger or something like this. There was only freedom and peace and power and love.


All together I’m so thankful for all this and all the experiences I had above all. I feel soooooooooooooooooooooooooo grounded and held and fully empowered!


I tried to find words for all this I hope they are graspable. These experiences are so huge, that if it could help others to allow things, I'm glad to give a part to it.



Deeply moved in every cell,


Elisabeth Käufeler-Schrag  (After Fusion was taught in Olten in Feb 2010 by Susannah Darling Khan)

Movement Medicine Book - More Reviews
“A quiet accepting smile and an immediate decision to buy the book was the only appropriate response when my wife handed me a copy of Movement Medicine with the words ‘this looks like your sort of book’. The jewellery shop in a small village in South Africa stocked less than twenty books yet somehow had obtained one of the first copies of Susannah and Ya’Acov’s book. My delight came yet another reminder of the playful interconnectedness of our world. It had been ten years since I had first driven the winding roads from Dartington to Rattery for my first dance experience with Susannah and Ya’Acov.

A Totnes resident had heard of this South African academic who loved dancing who was attending a Schumacher College course and invited me to accompany her. Five years later was fortunate enough to be able to return for a second helping. And then a week before unearthing the book, I had heard that Ya’Acov was due to run a weekend session in Cape Town in 2010 and had already signed on. My wife knew none of this! In Movement Medicine, Susannah and Ya’Acov have taken us into their world of dance at a multitude of levels inviting us to join them in awakening, dancing and living our dreams through the exploration of nine major gateways. Throughout the book they share their life stories which form the foundation of their growing awareness as well the reasons for the importance of each gateway. There is a breadth of wisdom from a variety of sources and an invitation at each stage to take time out to practice a ceremony or dance to deepen our understanding and practice. One night I was at the end of my tether with frustration with someone and I opened the book at random to find myself looking at the section on ’21 Gratitudes’. I followed the practice and a wonderful calm and acceptance of the situation and person came over me and I was able to handle the situation with far less fear and judgment the next day. Movement Medicine has arrived in my life at an important time as I continue my own teaching and learning on the challenges of leadership in complex times and the reconnection of mind, body and spirit. It is proving to be a real gift.”  Chris Breen



“Susannah and Ya’Acov's book is just so readable, in particular the

personal bits that bought the pages alive and validated my vulnerability in being human. My spiritual side so loved the delicious recipes, the intention and purpose written clearly in easy to follow instructions and most of all the way it resonated with a big "yes" from within my soul!”   Francine Swaby


“I found susannah's and ya'acov's first book wonderfully fresh, open and seamlessly intertwined with complimentary real life stories that touched me deeply and gave further meaning to my own dancing path. there is a youthful and expansive energy contained within the pages and it is brim full of excercises and ideas to encourage spiritual growth.”  Jason Rowe



As well as the Movement Medicine Book there really useful CD: Movement Medicine (which has 2 CDs, one of which has music with instructions, and the other the music without words).

The Book is £11, the CD is £12, but if you order them both, you can have them for £20.

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Awakening the Dreamer

By Susannah

“When we throw something “away” where is “away”?  There is no such thing! When we throw something “away” we are saying that it is acceptable to throw the planet and its people away.”

Julia Butterfly Hill

 “The reason we are locked into this nightmare dream of consumption is that we are LONELY. And things, our obsession with things, will never cure the hunger in the human heart”

“What you do to the earth you do to yourself”

Attributed to Chief Joseph Seattle

“You are part of the land. It’s your body- its you”

Jeanette Armstrong

These are some of the quotes from the Pachamama “Awakening the Dreamer” Symposium which have come to mean a lot to me as I’m in a process of un-weaving and re-weaving my assumptions and the actions which flow from them. I need words and reminders like these help me wake up from the sleep of the “consume and throw away” culture which it has been our generations lot to participate in.  Desmond Tutu’s words from Copenhagen are still ringing in my heart: “A peaceful, just, sustainable and joyous world IS possible, IF we choose it”. I love the word joyous in there, and you should have seen the dance he danced as he spoke this..

In the wake of the beautiful, deep, heartful Pachamama symposium Ya’Acov and I just facilitated at Waldhaus, I feel deeply relieved to have shared this with people willing to go so deep in feeling what we are doing to the earth and its beings, human and otherwise. I felt a huge personal relief to be in the company of others willing to feel the pain of the collective “entrancement.” I realise again how much I need this to feel the courage to go on finding ways to live the new and old dream of connectedness.

For me the dance of healing is to bring together feeling, word and action, to bring the oneness we can feel on a spiritual, vibrational and emotional level to inform our actions, our manifestation, our ways of life, so that there is an alignment between the spirit level and the earth level. “On earth as in heaven”… This us why on our workshops we take time for each participant to link what is being experienced and learnt on the dance floor, with the wider dance of life.

One thing I realise for myself gets in the way of this, can make me complacent is the self-identity I have as a “caring” or “ecologically conscious person”. I can easily lounge about in this self-perception and not see how what I am doing is often in direct contradiction to my avowed intention. Because it’s easy. Because everyone else is doing it. Because “I am already doing so much, aren’t I? Because I really want/deserve etc that coffee”…

And the other thing I realise again and again is the way that we are ‘herd” animals. I read an article recently from a research about why human beings act so irrationally, not just about things like climate change, but about stuff like investment and mortgages. The research found that there is a very strong pull in us to do what the others do, especially people we respect and/or give status to. So even if we can see that something is dangerous/wrong/stupid and even if it not sensible even in terms of our own narrowly defined self-interest- if enough other people are doing it, we say to ourselves, “Oh, it must be alright”.

I just had 15 minutes in Bern train station and I had a take-away coffee and sandwich, even with Julia Butterfly Hill’s words ringing in my ears. Then I looked at the amount of rubbish I just contributed to the landfill and I felt so ashamed and sad and torn. I did really want that coffee! And yes, I COULD bring my own little flask with me to  put the coffee in, but again I forgot!  The pull of the collective “this is what we do- this is OK-“ is so strong!

I caught another moment like this for myself at a venue, standing deep in thought at the tea and coffee machine. I made myself a Vervaine tea, and then slipped the tea bag into the bin, with just a whisper of an implicit thought, “oh it should go into the compost bucket but there is no compost bucket here, only in the kitchen, Oh, if its OK for the people here it must be OK….and somewhere a slightly macho feeling….” Ya’Acov saw me and said “what are you doing???!” As we fished my tea bag and some others out and carried them to the kitchen compost bin, I realised I had been back in the trance…

“What I do to the earth I do to myself”. So I was acting as if my body is trash-able. And you know what I can feel now? My resistance to really feeling this, not sometimes, or most of the time, but as a given fact, is the pain of the sensitivity and loneliness it brings…. I am, as much as anyone, a herd animal, I need to belong.

So I want you to know that I need you to help me wake up, that we need each other, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, action by action to bring our spiritual sense of connection and love for all life into manifest reality, to walk our talk and manifest a new paradigm of lived inter-connectedness.

Again: “A peaceful, just, sustainable and joyous world IS possible, IF we choose it”. Desmond Tutu

With love, respect and gratitude that we are sharing the journey, and wishing you the courage to follow your heart and the blessing of good company on the way,


Susannah DK




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