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Issue: March 2010 Newsletter
Fusion - Olten

By Elisabeth Käufeler-Schrag

I love dancing and the way of possibility to be in contact with movement and the health inside. My daily lifework has become so easy in the last month and year. Thank you Susannah, and Ya’Acov for your big, huge, "grandios" (in german)(I don't know how to say it in other, better words) work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and yes, yes, yes to the life like it forms in this every day processes.

Again, this weekend was a big adventure. To dance the feminine and masculine energy was not new, though I was excited to find myself in a completely new version of it.


First this meeting-myself and others in our small support groups, was a deep experience. To find sculptures of what we felt, gave the spoken words a really new quality and another deepening.


That brought us together and at the same time set us free.


Then, when I danced with the great mother, it was so clear and strong and I felt so many of her qualities in myself. I loved it and loved to meet other facets in the dance of other people.


So the dance until then was a harmonic thing. Therefore I never expected what happened with me, when the dance of the big father started.


I was really open to let occur, what has to be and stated to dance this completely other quality.  


The music changed and suddenly there were shouts like in a war from soldiers and it was loud and there where no possibility to extract myself. And big hot tears began to   run over my face. I ran through the dancing folk and let it come out. I asked myself, why this energy so often had to bring death and misery to this world.  


The whole life from my personal father came up to my mind. He as a young man had to go to be a soldier in the 2. World war and was affected for the rest of his life and my whole childhood was mirrored of this war. Was that a worthy life????? This question comes in my mind. Big sadness was coming from the ground of my soul searched its way up to the surface level.


was not prepared for that. And than I always told myself, that was the story of my father. And it’s gone. 


Now is now and this energy can also used in another way! I don't have to wear the weight of all this any more. Than I could say thank you, papa, that you gave me this life as your gift. And it was worth to be, yes!!!! Thank you.  


Thank you, papa, thank you big father thank you Susannah thank you thank you thank you und yes!!!!


The next day, on Sunday the dancing energy in myself was completely different.  When we danced the feminine suddenly it took me to the dervish dance like it does other times and from the deepest point of my soul and body there came up a big shout of  "YES, YES, YES, and THANK YOU, Thank YOU, THANK YOU, and I dance for all of us for the whole world.  With all the deep possibilities of embodiments.   


Than the big moment of the dance with the great father. And there was no hint now of sadness or anger or something like this. There was only freedom and peace and power and love.


All together I’m so thankful for all this and all the experiences I had above all. I feel soooooooooooooooooooooooooo grounded and held and fully empowered!


I tried to find words for all this I hope they are graspable. These experiences are so huge, that if it could help others to allow things, I'm glad to give a part to it.



Deeply moved in every cell,


Elisabeth Käufeler-Schrag  (After Fusion was taught in Olten in Feb 2010 by Susannah Darling Khan)

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