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Issue: March 2010 Newsletter
My Return of the Light

By Didier Perrouault

On February 26-28th I was in Paris for the "Return of the Light" workshop with Ya'Acov... Though I had known about this workshop only at the end of 2009, I could feel now that I had waited for this moment all my Life... and maybe even more ! ;-)

And though the beginning was on Saturday morning, I could feel that this workshop had begun for me much before that.

In a more practical way my ‘conscious’ preparation began just a month before, in Warsaw ("For All Our Relations" workshop), where I had become more aware of an ancient and painful wound which physically was in my lower back… It was so dark to me that I instinctively felt that the “Return of the Light” could maybe help me… and even if I couldn’t tell what would happen on the French annual event of Ya’Acov’s magical mystery tour I was at least hoping for healing… and trusted that whatever would happen would be perfect…


Every day for a month I called for Light, putting a candle on my Altar…

During that month I experienced a clear need to let go ancient ways of behaving... Based on that old dark wound... I experienced quite a number of occasions where it was so obvious (sometimes caricatural!) that I had to change… I had to show up and be true to my self (instead of forcing myself to things I no longer ‘needed’ nor wanted… so that the other people were “happy”). But I didn’t know how to do!!!


And on Friday that was the beginning.

Back to basics. Re-connecting to the Earth inside me. To the Fire inside me, with the Earth melting and that became a volcano... The Fire from the Earth... Wow... I was it. I was it!!! That was so good... And even I sometimes felt a lack of fluidity I knew that something was different….

After that ‘Move’ session, as well as a resting night such as I hadn't had for sooo long, now was a new day.


On Saturday morning, during the warm-up session… things changed… As my brother and friend Cyrill began to dance with me I felt a deep fragility in my body... We began to exchange in movement... Exchange… and at a certain point, I just knew that now was possible to let go and to leave the Ancient to the 'hands' of the mimosa tree (it was at the center of the dancing room)… I could leave it to the hands of the mimosa tree if I also sent Light…

That was so intense, I just couldn't do but melt into tears and lay down. Tears. Soft, deep, good tears, as an intense 'good bye', an 'adieu'... Liberation tears.

When I then got up back to movement, I didn't well realize what had happened but my eyes just met the eyes of Ya'Acov who nodded at me. I knew I was now freed.

Strange thing... But that was true. I could feel it deep inside my body. I could feel a freedom of movement in my low back and hips which I had never felt. Never ever. I was free. And now I could experiment, dance, integrate it so that I could take care of that space where Light could now flow... I was free.


The rest of the workshop was, for me, a series of experiences about the light that could now be… how I could now dance… how I could take care about the Light… how I could protect it… how I could expand… how I could be the elements with that light… How I could ask for healing… with that light… call for guidance… with that light…


The workshop ended on Sunday… Sun-day… a day with Light.


During that workshop, a wall collapsed. And let the Sun shine on it.


On Sun-Day... So much energy was in me and asked to dance freely. So much that it was impressive. Sometimes so much that I was a little bit afraid of what could happen if I allowed myself to let it be and move and express.... In fact, no, that wasn't it. My head was afraid, my body knew it was now possible. Now that darkness let place to emptiness and freedom and pure light. Everything was now possible. I knew it.




I am so thankful…
To ... In fact, to my self (whatever odd it might be for the previous Didier to thank me first ! ;-)), for attending that workshop and striving on my path towards Light and to showing up, living and respecting the essence of my self.
I am so thankful to the Dancing Community, visible and invisible...
I am so thankful to Ya'Acov & Susannah, for the space they create and hold is a secure magical transformation caldron that makes everything we need possible.
I am also thankful to you who are reading this article, for you also dare to make a step after one other towards your inner truth, towards your Light, towards who you really are... The more we are to do so, the more beauty we bring into this world, for ourselves, for our beloved ones and for all our relations...

With Love... And More light than ever ;-)



PS: A great video that I've just discovered and that I'd like to share

The next Return of the Light workshop is being held in Manchester 26th - 28th March.  For more details and to book contact Elaine on +44 161 881 2644

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