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Issue: March 2010 Newsletter
Movement Medicine Book - More Reviews

“A quiet accepting smile and an immediate decision to buy the book was the only appropriate response when my wife handed me a copy of Movement Medicine with the words ‘this looks like your sort of book’. The jewellery shop in a small village in South Africa stocked less than twenty books yet somehow had obtained one of the first copies of Susannah and Ya’Acov’s book. My delight came yet another reminder of the playful interconnectedness of our world. It had been ten years since I had first driven the winding roads from Dartington to Rattery for my first dance experience with Susannah and Ya’Acov.

A Totnes resident had heard of this South African academic who loved dancing who was attending a Schumacher College course and invited me to accompany her. Five years later was fortunate enough to be able to return for a second helping. And then a week before unearthing the book, I had heard that Ya’Acov was due to run a weekend session in Cape Town in 2010 and had already signed on. My wife knew none of this! In Movement Medicine, Susannah and Ya’Acov have taken us into their world of dance at a multitude of levels inviting us to join them in awakening, dancing and living our dreams through the exploration of nine major gateways. Throughout the book they share their life stories which form the foundation of their growing awareness as well the reasons for the importance of each gateway. There is a breadth of wisdom from a variety of sources and an invitation at each stage to take time out to practice a ceremony or dance to deepen our understanding and practice. One night I was at the end of my tether with frustration with someone and I opened the book at random to find myself looking at the section on ’21 Gratitudes’. I followed the practice and a wonderful calm and acceptance of the situation and person came over me and I was able to handle the situation with far less fear and judgment the next day. Movement Medicine has arrived in my life at an important time as I continue my own teaching and learning on the challenges of leadership in complex times and the reconnection of mind, body and spirit. It is proving to be a real gift.”  Chris Breen



“Susannah and Ya’Acov's book is just so readable, in particular the

personal bits that bought the pages alive and validated my vulnerability in being human. My spiritual side so loved the delicious recipes, the intention and purpose written clearly in easy to follow instructions and most of all the way it resonated with a big "yes" from within my soul!”   Francine Swaby


“I found susannah's and ya'acov's first book wonderfully fresh, open and seamlessly intertwined with complimentary real life stories that touched me deeply and gave further meaning to my own dancing path. there is a youthful and expansive energy contained within the pages and it is brim full of excercises and ideas to encourage spiritual growth.”  Jason Rowe



As well as the Movement Medicine Book there really useful CD: Movement Medicine (which has 2 CDs, one of which has music with instructions, and the other the music without words).

The Book is £11, the CD is £12, but if you order them both, you can have them for £20.

You can order online

or by phone: 0044 (0) 1803 731000


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