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Issue: March 2010 Newsletter
Spring Cometh and Life Says Go on, Grow!

By Ya'Acov

I had a very funny experience at
Hamburg station when I was arriving recently for a Dancing with the Heart of the World workshop. Id spent all day on the train travelling from home and Id had a good journey. The last four hours from Koln were on a train with no power points for my laptop (yippee!) and so, since the carriage I was in was virtually empty, Id been playing my guitar for hours.

We got to Hamburg about 11.45 at night. The train pulled in to the station and stopped. I pressed the button to open the train door and lo and behold, nothing happened. I pressed it again and again, nothing. I turned, looking for a conductor, someone to help..nobody there! One more press and very slowly, the door whined itself open. I quickly lowered my big and heavy suitcase on to the platform and turned round to get back on to retrieve my drums. Door closed. Door wouldnt open. I shout for help. Nobody appears to be around. Its like being in a dream. I press the button a few more times and once again, the door slowly gives way. I jump on to get my drum bag and turn round, relieved, to jump off. Uh-oh! Door closed. Door wouldnt open. I shout for help again, and..nothing. And then, to my astonishment, the train starts to pull out of the station with me on it and my suitcase sitting like a lonely sentinel on the empty platform. I shout and press the button one more time and amazingly, even though the train is in slow motion, the door opens. I prepare to leap and am just on my way when someone grabs my arm the conductor has appeared from nowhere and is shouting at me in German something that I roughly translate as: Are you crazy!  I sit down, momentarily defeated, wave goodbye to my suitcase and ring Jens, the King of Calm. He is at the station waiting and yes, he can see my bag on the platform, and yes, he can drive to the next station, only 7 minutes away and meet me there, where my bag and I can be happily reunited. Oh, the joys of travelling!


Its all worth it though. 2010 is a busy year for me, perhaps the busiest yet. For a couple of weeks, I had been amazed at my own capacity to make decisions shrouded in the fog of my understudies when it comes to planning my year. This was unceremoniously revealed by a great process we did at the second module of our apprenticeship in January. Our dear friend Jake had given us a great tool that we adapted which helps to highlight our immunity to change. Well be working with it at the Phoenix Retreat in March (still places left what are you waiting for?). The process usually reveals something a touch on the embarrassing side. Hopefully, with a sense of humour, we can take this on and use it as the starting point for the Phoenix Process, which is the tool that we have created for finding compassion for our understudies, releasing core patterning and calling the intelligence of the soul to take its place as the star of the show! The Phoenix Process grew out of the S.E.E.R Process (Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval) which I will be teaching at Module One of my ongoing group Ritual which starts in March (again what are you waiting for?). The S.E.E.R process is a very effective tool for emptying out the effects of old stories and retrieving our essential energy from where it may have become locked up in past experiences. Anyways, I digress. It turns out to my astonishment (but no-one elses!) that for some part of me that has the ability to take over the planning of my life, life is a competition! And, whats more, if I dont win it, I will have to wallow in the unwelcome mud of worthlessness! Oh dear! Thats not a pretty piece of illumination but once Id got over the embarrassment I felt, I could start to understand where this stressy feeling that had started to creep in was coming from. And then, thanks to a very simple and strong dream about the salmon, the spirit keeper of the Chamber of Surrender in the Movement Medicine heart mandala, I have been able to reframe this picture and whoosh, my life energy and joy in the prospects ahead for 2010 returned in a flash. And, as well as that, Ive had a tad more consciousness when its come to planning 2011! Result!


I am continually astonished at my own and our collective ability for an unpredictable blend of stupidity and brilliance. By the time we are adults, we really are deeply responsible for creating our own perceptions of reality. And, we have been given an amazing set of tools for our journey here on planet earth. The body is astonishing as a vehicle for experience and expression, the heart unmatchable in its ability to stretch and stretch again as we start to understand the deepest medicine we have access to. Whats that? L.O.V.E love of course! And the mind, once freed from its incessant rehashing of old stories, is the perfect radio receiver for the new information we need to be able to create a different outcome for ourselves and of course, for all or relations, especially our descendants.


Whats more, weve been given the perfect fuel to link these three old friends so that we can indeed, become more conscious of what we are choosing to dedicate our lives too. What is that fuel? Look around you. Spring is coming. The sap is rising. Feel it? You got it. Sex. Its all about sex. How do we treat this divine gift of sexual energy? How to move through and past a couple of thousand years of conditioning that have led us to have such a distorted relationship with our sexual energy based on guilt, blame and shame. How to recover the natural innocence, passion and creativity that gives us the capacity to be empowered co-creators in the dance of life?


The principles of relationship are the same, whether they are to do with relationship between our own body-heart-mind, or relationship with our lovers, colleagues and friends, or relationship with the community of life on earth, or relationship with the spirit world or relationship with the divine. And the principles of relationship can be learned and what a pity they are not number one on the school curriculum well not yet anyway. Were very excited to be starting work on a new book on this subject this year. Relationship and a healthy dynamic polarity between feminine and masculine are right at the heart of our work. Maybe we should call it creationship. Susannah and I just taught Space Between Us II for couples who had already done the workshop before. It went very deep as it always does.


My good friend Chris Luttichau came over the other day. Hed just done an interview about his thoughts on the upcoming adventure otherwise known as 2012. Not the film 2012, which a friend told me was two hours of adrenalized brainwashing nonsense which may have been better titled: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! He asked me what I felt about it. I told him that I felt we were increasingly being asked to move to another level of recognising our interconnection with the rest of life on earth. I said that things did indeed feel to me like they were intensifying and speeding up and that I felt inside myself a continuing invitation to keep cleaning the windows of perception and bring more simplicity and harmony to bear in all areas of life. And as we went on talking, it kept on coming down to the relationship between feminine and masculine and between polarities. In many ways, it seems to me as if everything is polarising more. At the same time, I feel that there is an awakening going on to the dangers of continuing to live in a story of separation from each other and life. Things are happening so fast that its impossible to predict what may happen next week, let alone in 2012. In any case, we are walking a thin line and every choice we make matters more because of this. And the more conscious we can become about the story we are telling about our lives, and the story we are telling through our actions, the better it is for the intelligence of life within us, between us and all around us. If we can create moments of dynamic peace within us and between us, we are creating a template for an outcome that may make us shiver with delight rather than cower in fear.


And yes, our sexual energy and our relationship to it is a major key. Just like any other man, Ive had to do a lot of purifying of the education I received about sex. Ive had to track the source of addictions and attitudes that were equally hurtful to myself and those I have been in relationship with. And that journey continues.


Over the next few weeks, I will be teaching several weekends connected to the arrival of spring. In Paris and Manchester, Ill be teaching Return of the Light and in London, Ill be teaching Source, which focuses on the dance of sexual energy. And in April, theres a chance to work with Susannah and myself together as we take a journey through the basics of Movement Medicine in Awakening in Devon. I hope to see you and to dance with you and share this great adventure, opportunity and responsibility to consciously create a world worthy of the beauty we all have within us.


I wish you all springtime blessings. With L.O.V.E and respect,

YaAcov. February 2010.


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