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Issue: January 2010
Letter from Susannah

By Susannah

I don’t know about you, but being alive right now feels like an amazing opportunity, gift, challenge and responsibility. How to balance the reality of life going on, on the one hand, with its day to day needs; the car needs repairing, the train needs booking, the gas hob needs fixing, whilst knowing, on the other hand, that the way we are living is unsustainable and we are hurtling towards…. ??

All the strenuous work which went towards Copenhagen, all the preparations over so many years by so many people, Franny’s all out work with Age of Stupid (which you can now get from the Movement Medicine Shop) One Climate’s live stream, our 6 Billion Reasons contribution, (about which you will hear more as we clarify its post-COP 15 direction) the amazing Klima Forum, (the people’s climate summit in Copenhagen) AVAAZ’s stunning 15 million signatures to their petition, the beautiful, creative demonstration which was so woe-fully reported, and now where are we? Climate change and all that it represents in terms of our willing consumption of our life support system has faded from the headlines but not from reality.

I sometimes have wondered whether I should just concentrate all my efforts on political planetary activism, but then I come back to the big question: what is really needed to help human beings (myself included) turn the corner of “me-thinking” i.e.“me-first-yes-I’ll-have-it-all-whatever-the-cost-to-others-or-the-future-generations” to “we-thinking” i.e.“we-need-to-find-a-sustainable-way-of-living-that-works-for-all-of-us-and-does-not-compromise-the-future-of-life-on-earth”?

And what I come up with is this, that what we need is human beings who are connected, connected with the earth, with the great mystery, with the spirit of life, with the intelligences of their hearts, bodies and minds, with the ancestors and the unborn, with the inter-connectedness of all of life, and who can find the courage to stand in their inner authourity and vulnerability and make their offering in conectedness. People who can see for them selves what is happening and with love, truth and action do what is necessary:  speak out, sing out, dance, pray, and manifest a vision of life which meets the emerging reality, heretics ready and able to weave new and old dreams into a fabric strong and flexible enough to move with the actual needs of the times.

And how to do this? The best way I know to awaken this state is movement medicine. Its not the only way of course, there are many, many brilliant other waves of breaking consciousness all over the planet, its just this is the wave I am riding with many strong, beautiful brothers and sisters. So, I return again and again to the strange knowing that what I am doing seems to be perfect. I am very grateful that we have been able to make a bridge between more explicit “speaking out” (6 Billion Reasons) and empowerment of the soul (Movement Medicine). And each one of us will find our own way with this question of how to marry outer action with inner conviction and guidance.

So you are welcome on our dance floors this year, to re-connect, to rejoice in life as it is, and to be guided by the great choreographer in the mysterious dance of it all.

I look forward to sharing the spirit of the dance, and the heart of song with you, and the simplicity of being human beings doing doing our best in the great dance of it all,

may all beings be happy and at peace,


With love,





So here we are, 2010, post-Copenhagen, pre-whatever comes next.

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