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Issue: January 2010
A funny thing about translation

by Susannah

It’s a strange but true that you need to be able to speak English to do our more advanced courses: “Journey of Empowerment” “Ritual”, “Initiation” “The Phoenix Retreat” and “The Apprenticeship Programme”…. This is because these groups attract people from many countries and so it would not be possible to translate into all the languages needed. So for these courses, without translation, we speak in more simple English. This is good practice for us. So, to do these courses, you need to be able to understand, and speak, basic school English, and we will adapt our English to what is needed.

Words ARE so important, and the mind is involved in Movement Medicine along along with the body, the heart and the soul, we do encourage you, if you are unsure of your English to take a few classes…

When, as on some weekends and some intensives, we DO have the luxury of translation, we can speak in more complex, subtle English and know that the brilliant translators who we are blessed to work with, and who understand the spirit of the work as well as technically being good at translation, can deliver the meaning in whichever language it is.



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