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Issue: January 2010

By Susannah

Being in Copenhagen was wonderful and wierd. I felt so much hope and so much despair. Made so many connections and felt so much disconnection. Felt potent and insignificant. I went to Copenhagen to be another peaceful and passionate body on the street at the big demo. To stand up and be counted.

As well, I wanted to take 6 Billion Reasons there and give it the opportunity to be a part of the turning tide, along with its partners from One Climate, Peter and Anuradha. And I wanted to bring dance and song to the leven the mix, to offer another way to meet and connect.

Thanks to the work of a small group of Copenhagen dancers from past, current and future Ongoing Groups, I was able to bring dance to the “Bottom Up” climate meetings at Christiania, and led the singing for a 2 hour session of the 48 hour “Sing the Earth” event. The Klima forum became a power house of meeting and learning and exchange which was magnetic and impressive.

My thanks to Agnes who looked after me and organised my participation in Sing the Earth, Lise and Nina who organised my offerings at Christiania and Bina who gave hospitality and Matthias who supported everything with good heart. And to all the dancers from Copenhagen and beyond who came to dance and sing and pray together.

Here’s my diary:

Many of the activities at Christiania so small… wondered what on earth I was doing there. Had to face my own wish to be of significance, to feel of value by being “big”, important, rather, in Christinia, one tiny fish in a tiny pool of enquiring people separate from the mainstream, surrounded by an alternative culture that is drinking, smoking, socialising,  and then at Klima forum, one more tiny fish in a huge global sea of good initiatives, a massive sea of people overwhelmed with input and information…. Wonderful but overwhelming…. And my own uneasy-ness about “pushing” my thing, yet wanting people to know about it….

Not knowing how to make the connections, and yet many were made….

At same time, good connections made, and sung with Hagara, Achim, Ina, Bernadette….

Meeting of people from different times and parts of life, good…. Re-connecting with Annita, lovely….

Some people, like Joan Chittister, like Mary-Alice Arthur, like the woman next to me in the town square as we listened to Desmond Tutu and wept and danced and laughed with joy… just naturally we understood each other and they ‘got’ 6 Billion Reasons….

Special moments for me:

Dancing at Christiania. ½ hour session; groove and depth. Party and Pray, again! What’s can be possible, fast, if a critical mass of people are ready to leap. Beautiful.

One was in the demo, we’d been at the side, holding our banners, waiting to join the back, with the others from Christiania. So we saw the many colours and creativity of different groups walking by. A welsh dragon. polar bears, clowns, a samba group. We were singing. Chief Seattle’s words set to simple melodies which interweave. I’m very grateful to Hagara for that.

People were attracted and interested by the good sound. And so we handed out lots of postcards. Annita bouncing around joyously giving them out, Lise, Agnes and Bernadette regally holding the 6BR banner beneath ZEGG’s eco-community’s big bright one. Then we started to walk, sometimes singing was impossible because of other sound systems. I missed having drums with us. It felt like we were trying to hold our own in the middle of mayhem. Then we stopped, picked up the samba pulse in the distance, et voila, we had drums to sing with….

Another was in the 2 hours of singing in the chapel on Friday night. Agnes had organised it, I just had to turn up and sing. So we sang through a spiral of a few songs, learning them without a pause, one after the other, as that was the intention, to keep the sound prayer wave continuously for 48 hours. The West African drummers Nina had invited doing really well to slow into our groove. We got to Thuma Mina in the central of our spiral, and then came back out through the songs we had already learnt, and ended up in Om Mani Padme Om where the voices locked in and we were rolling in the mantra field with passion and prayer and steady strength. I was and am very grateful that Agnes made the link with the Singing Earth organiser Karin, who had a compelling vision and followed it.

I had no idea if anyone at Klima forum had heard of the Pachamama “Awakening the Dreamer” Symposium. Bernadette Ryder and I had both run dance and Symposium events at Christiania. I’d offered to run dance “connect and revive” at Klima forum but no response. At the Klima forum is a room called meshwork’s, an amazing networking room supported by welcoming staff and a computer program that helps you locate other people and organisations in the world whose interests or work overlap. I’d been impressed, but overwhelmed, and had decided to go back and take more time to check in with them.

Then Bernadette got an e-mail from Jon Symms in the USA, commending all Pachamama Symposium leaders who were in Copenhagen to connect with Peter and Morel who run Meshworks. Bernadette contacted them and found they were open to a symposium on Sunday night. B couldn’t do it herself as she was leaving, so she put it out to all the rest of us there. At that point I wasn’t sure if I could be there as I wanted to keep the space open to meet up with Peter and Anuradha if they were free that evening. A guy called Fernando said he would.

So on Sunday, after a wonderful event in the town square listening to Desmond Tutu with tears and joy, he is so CUTE, as well as wise and moving and joyous and stirring, I went to Klimaforum to have some time to do my Meshworks thing, and, as Peter and Anurdaha were busy, offered to help with the Symposium if Fernando turned up, and to run it if he didn’t, as no-one had heard from him. No advertising had been done for it, so, with the help of the Meshworks people, we put adverts up on the klimaforum screens and Nina went round and updated the old posters. 5 hours to go.

The symposium was there on a DVD, but no DVD player, so I was glad I had my computer, connectors and keynote. Annita, Agnes, Lise and Nina let their networks know about it.

Then Fernando turns up, he’s young bright and from Mexico, we decide to run it together. I’ve never done a 3 hour one before, (normally Chris and I do 8 hours…) so this is different.

Meshwork’s is a big, open space with lots of stuff happening. As 19.00 approaches the Meshwork’s staff are deep in their debrief, as people for the Symposium are gathering. Peter puts up the trailer. A group of about 40 assembles itself. Global. People from Africa, India, Europe, South America. We begin and the focus grows. We manage to get the lights down. Slowly the room grows quiet and people are weeping. More people gather and join, or participate from the fringes. Taking the moments with each other as deep communion. I feel the relief to be providing a space to FEEL this. And, as always, my gratitude and respect for the deep intelligence of the symposium. Fernando is great. Picks up the baton fast when the computer jams at the eagle and condor moment.

So, a true collaboration: Bernadette, Peter, Morel, Koen, Kaye, Jon, Nina, Lise, Annita, Fernando, me, and all the people.

And in the meantime, in the afternoon, I talked with Koen about Meshwork, Movement Medicine and 6 Billion Reasons, and possible cross collaborations and with his help entered myself, 6 Billion Reasons, and School of Movement Medicine into their computer programme. What struck me, impressed me, touched me, was that, in the middle of this hubbub of activity and people, there was such a feeling of calm, of enough time, of the lack of hurry. And so effective.

And Copenhagen, came, and went. We moved forward, and got stuck. Many tears. Many advances, many blockages. Now its up to us all to keep moving forward to forge a sustainable way of life, to make the small and the radical shifts necessary to manifest the dream of a benevolent human presence on earth. I wish courage to us all. Wisdom to us all. Love in action to us all.








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