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Issue: January 2010
As Day Follows Night

By Ali Young

I can of course, only speak for myself, but I’ve found this Winter a dark one. Evenings saw me downloading news of
Copenhagen, whilst days brought participation in teaching meetings at the Centre for Leadership where some of the response to our current global unfolding is to prepare for yet more training in “safety and security”.

Rightly or wrongly, I feel like I’ve been staring down the Beast and my eyes are aching. I really must get my confrontational attitude sorted out once and for all and learn to embrace it every time I see it. It is so clearly desperate for love. “You, sir, are obviously in need of a stiff hug!”


We finished the third module of the Journey of Empowerment in November where we had all been deeply honored to witness the bright unfurling of the many souls who took flight in song, each pair of wings a miraculous demonstration of the unique beauty of every single cell in our collective body. Even if I haven’t been gifted with the glorious sight of the naked presence of every being around me, I came away from the Journey of Empowerment with an awesome sense of the magnificence, which lies just under the surface of our conditioned selves, awaiting it’s golden moment to show it’s bejeweled and wonderful array of perfection. I long for a world in which everyone has the same privilege as us. My research at CLS, which some of you are aware of, is my present contribution to the re-birth project, and so I thought I’d just share a little summary of what’s been said so far.


Asking people about their experience of leadership within the Movement Medicine work, metaphors about growth and gardening are what seem to poke their heads above the soil most often. Our community seems to be like ground which once over farmed, is now being returned to a fertile organic landscape. Our gardeners are seen as pouring their love, care and inspiration into all the plants which the wind blows onto their land. Tenderness is offered to thistles as well as roses and new seeds are given the space and time they need to emerge in full bloom, even when the gardeners don’t know what sort of plant they will mature into. Mirroring Gaia, there is an awareness of the inherent perfection of life itself which, “if you can tap into that, go with the flow of that...alot of things become possible, or become much simpler...when you’re fighting it, they’re not possible.”(Rob Porteous)


Asking people about how the work contributes to their well-being, I was reminded time and again of the body’s own innate, animal wisdom. Simply by allowing ourselves to move in the way we want and need to, rather than responding to external stimulants, in conjunction with the powerful container of our tribe around us, we are able to experience so much more of LIFE. The medicine of welcoming all that has been outcast by the rational, Western cultures of which we are a part, creates increased trust, relaxation, confidence, openness, acceptance, clarity, responsibility, grounding, strength, presence, healing, retrieval of lost aspects of self and feeling, power re-call, the dropping of judgement. In other words in learning to trust the body, we learn to trust life in all it’s “different colors, energies and speeds.”(Anna from Switzerland)


Our community is also very clearly modeling a way of being with spirituality which our conflict driven world desperately needs. There is a strong sense of ourselves as microcosmologies, each one of us expressing, reflecting and indeed, being part of the unknowable mystery. Many of us see our life task as being that of awakening, to the power of the heart, to freedom and love and interdependence. As we each set out on the the warrior’s archetypal journey, to slay monsters, wrestle demons, gather riches and win love on the path which leads back to home, we learn that the divine lives right where it has always been, in the flower of the human heart. In opening to life we begin to see that all our fellow travelers are heading for the same place. As acting as what one of the interviewees described as “lantern-bearers”, we hold the evolutionary vanguard of knowing and embodiment of the ultimate wisdom, that we are all God and that strangely enough, this learning germinates in the darkness of all we have hidden from the light. As Marold, one of the apprentices who assisted on JOE said, “ soul is in my body..what I truly am is in every cell of my body...I don’t have to think about what I am - I truth is not a concept, but is lived.....”


And working as we were, to make video footage for The Six Billion Reasons website, this is not a community which is blind to the turbulence on our planet, interviewees spoke of their concerns about pollution, consumerism, fundamentalism, justice, control and displacement, at the same time as recognizing that this practice offers a way of moving towards harmony and reconciliation. We unify in dance and song, listening to the Mother’s heartbeat, ancient practices for encouraging communion with self, other and nature, we hold each other when one of us is bottoming out in grief and suffering, no-one is ever left alone and in our practice we act as exemplars for what is possible. I would like to offer my deepest thanks to everyone who gave their time to be interviewed and to bow to the depth of wisdom and love in the community of which we have the enormous blessing to be part of. I’d like to finish by quoting the glorious Dee from Ireland. “...anything which gives power, like what we’re doing now, it’s really special,’s really means that you can reject easily material stuff, you don’t need that shit, we all know we don’t need that shit, once you start looking into it a tiny bit even, it’s so surface really, .....control is through the material, hugely, on the planet and basically what I’d like to see is just gradually, gradually that people find that little bit of power for themselves and it can’t be taken away. I would really hope for that and their connection to God is theirs....the planet is theirs.” So mote it be!


Ali Young



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