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Issue: January 2010
Heart Dinner

By Hans Nusink

My dinner

See you sitting

    on the empty chair

    opposite me

Your eyes

My heart




Your light blue eyes

    I adore

Looking at me

Looking right in my heart

Cutting my breast

    with your soft knife eyes

    searching in my bleeding for-you-heart

What kind of man I am

What I really want with my life

    in your life

To open the deepest depth of my longing

    of my love for me

    of my love for you

    of my love for the world

To unravel the four chambers

To look for the magic animals

To smell

To touch

    the fear

the courage

    the anger

the love

    the to be in jail

    the to be cut off

    the celebration

    the freedom

    of life

Because of your love

    for you

    for me

    for the world


Hans at dinner after E-motion, 23.11.2009

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