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Issue: January 2010
Carolina Naess

My name is Carolina Naess and I've been having the honor to dance with YaAcov and Susannah at their recent workshops both in London and abroad in Luzern. I'm originally from Sweden, but currently I'm studying a Masters in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing at the University of Central Lancashire. For my research project Id like to research a group of children. I wonder if you know of anyone working with children (any age) who I may contact to discuss various possibilities for either the UK or Sweden?

Im also looking for a part time job with children (any age), preferably in a work setting involving dance and movement. Therefore, if you have any idea of where I can turn, I would appreciate if you could let me know.

Im based in
London but will gladly consider commuting outside  of London.

FYI, my background is in professional dance, as well as somatic movement study with  Dr. Martha Eddy in NYC, where I  obtained my degree in Psychology and Child development (trained in Montessori teaching pedagogy). In NYC I held a long term volunteering position in a therapeutic horseback riding center, assisting handicapped children in movement training. I was also involved in Art of Living's breath work practices for many years, 5Rhythms, and trained in "New Decision Therapy"(Behavioral Kinesiology) through Healing Arts Haven. Kindly see link below:

Thank you for your consideration.


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