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Issue: November 2009

By Gunda Wagner

Hello Everyone!

I am just back from Berlin having participated Susannah's Workshop Trance-Formations and I am still feeling so grateful for some opening, deepening time in a loving and safe environment.

My original plan was to participate Susannah's Resonance workshop in Hamburg but because that Workshop was already fully booked at the beginning of September, I luckily found the "Berlin-opportunity" on the web. The topic was even more appropriate to my current life-situation. I am in deep grief at the moment because my Ddad is nearly ready to pass.

Yes, nearly, 'cause it seems as if someone's still holding him back to leave in peace.


The workshop very much enabled me to let go of old attachments that were bound to my expectations as a little girl towards my dad. My longing still feels incredibly strong and at the same time, I just know, that all is very very well (as Eileen Caddy would say). Doors were opening within (upward from my chest), that I even felt I couldn't bear the freedom, that was coming from inside my body. I was able to notice how precious it is to feel completety individual and being part of the "big family" at the same time. Being aware of communion with complete "strangers" is such a big gift and gives so much hope for a global communion too.


The combination of dancing, singing, and sharing experiences felt so healing to me, allowing body mind and spirit to reconnect. Susannah encourages participants with a lightness to open their hearts while she's magically interweaving various exercises from different psychological fields.


When we gathered together with the whole group right at the end of the workshop, a deep feeling of longing for this sort of connection was so obvious for everyone. Susannah even mentioned that it might be time for us Germans to let go of old burdens that might not allow communion amongst ourselves or even cross cultural. These words very much touched most of the group and I could even notice the precious quality of the energy that came with the response of the group. It's amazing, how strong the impact of the spoken unseen can be... while being connected to mother earth and father sky.


With humbleness and gratitude




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