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Issue: November 2009
The art of change: negotiating the future of our planet

Below is the weekly 'postcard' from OneClimate that we thought you might be interested in.

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  Picture your part in protecting life on earth, get serious with Incredible Ed, find out how your country's emissions rank with a brilliant graphing tool and Get On The Wave! Welcome to the OneClimate postcard on 12th Nov 2009  

From the OneClimate Newsroom

The art of change: Six Billion Reasons initiative launches

Gorbachev on climate change: This is your wall, your defining moment

You cannot be serious! UK climate chief denies shattering government credibility ahead of COP15. But is he missing the point?


Time to deliver Climate Justice. Tck tck tck...  (video by time4climatejustice)


Easy Action

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*I am a reason!

*Keep up to date on twitter

*Make an action pact

*Saving the climate - a personal guide

Planning ahead

*Sort your coach to Copenhagen

*Get on the Wave (London/Scotland)


*You can now get all the best climate videos on your website, updated daily, for FREE! Find out how

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Delve deeper

Where countries stand pre-Cop15 and what happens if they fail

Graphing global CO2 emissions - how does your country rank?

Cost of climate change adaptation may be 2-3 times more than thought

Low impact living in Pembrokeshire


Negotiating for the planet (video by MIClimate)


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