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Issue: November 2009
On the Move to England

by Caroline Carey

Its been awhile coming and I've been talking about it for a year or two, but I really am traveling home now.
Ireland has been so amazing for me. I came here in desperate need of finding clarity and healing in my life. What it gave me was a huge amount of space in which to do this. Its expansiveness and openness meant I too could expand my life, dance freely and learn about who I really was. It is a country to heal a childhood, that is for sure!


I have been here for 17 years and fulfilled many dreams, undergone some rather painful relationships that have been a root to healing also and created my own business and worked hard to bring up my children. I found the dance here, in a little retreat way out in the West Cork countryside. Fulfilling a mighty need to continue my dancing practice that had stagnated on and off during the birthing's and raising of my children.


Over the last few years as I have danced and connected more and more deeply with my roots, my body and my ancestors, I have received the callings to come home. I wrote about this once before when I came for the first time to teach a workshop in Sheffield.


When I talk to others I hear similar stories that many of us feel the need to be in our own communities, to connect with the place on earth that bore us and raised us.


I resisted for awhile, thinking I lived in a far too beautiful a place to possibly need to leave. But then I fell in love, and my heart new it had to be. A beautiful love story set in the Colombian mountains; well it actually began as he said "I believe I am sitting next to you" on the plane crossing over there. A ten hour flight, traveling to the same place, we fell in love. I could not have wished for a better way to meet my soul mate who just happened to live in Uk in the same town as the remainder of my family.


So now I am really doing it. There is a little fear now and again as I witness the increase in traffic, the busyness and I wonder will my two wild Irish cats really cope here, not to mention the teenage daughters so used to the freedom of Irish countryside.  Little moments of fear but as in Susannahs paragraph in Movement Medicine book, I am being like the horse, taking little steps back to safety and then allowing my curiosity and especially the love in my heart for my man, Ben Cole, stepping forward to find my new home with him.

So I am looking for a house to rent for awhile until I am ready to buy a place again and make the decision where we will live. 

If any of you wonderful dancers know of a house that needs some loving energy please let us know and we will come take a look.

I promise it will be danced in!


Much Love, Caroline x




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