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Issue: November 2009
The Day After

By Oliver Winghart

The day after the dance weekend with Susannah in Stockholm
Monday morning. I usually conduct a short yoga warm-up and meditation on Monday mornings, and this time I felt tired as I was doing it! But it was a good tiredness, and a wonderful aftertaste of this dance weekend. Two days afterwards, I still couldn’t believe that I enjoyed myself so much on that Party and Pray celebration on Saturday evening.

I said “no” to a job offer that I was considering taking – I have been unemployed for over a year now, so it was not easy to say “no” but I didn’t really believe in it, it was not aligned with me basically. So I felt good and proud about that decision.


Later on that day, I realized I needed to be more courageous, fiercer in directing myself to what I most want to do professionally. I really felt that the dance workshop helped me feel that. Clarity of intention through the body. Not only that, but also finding and letting go of the notions and habits that are impeding me professionally at this point.


I had then various things to do, I wanted to go to a 5 Rhythms class in the evening but I missed it, as I finished working too late. Then in the evening I put on the CD of your Movement Medicine Guided Meditations, and let it echo in me, as I was not even trying to follow it, just half-listening to the instructions and Ya’acov’s whistling to the drum. I felt immensely grateful to you that you chew it for us and make it so obvious so that even someone like me can sense it and feel it on my own. By “it”, I mean feeling the elements, the Dancer, our proper place as human beings, all the guidance we can get from this universe…


Part of that work as teachers that you have been doing and that I am so grateful for is to find and craft the proper words, as you say in your book. When I heard for the first time Ya’acov say: “Here I am. Right here. Standing at the center of my own circle.” I thought – Hmm, what is he saying? Somewhat like on the first retreat with my zen teacher Reb, I heard him saying “Give yourself back to yourself; only when you give yourself back to yourself can you give yourself to others.”, I really wondered what he was talking about. But now I realize it is an art, and a very useful art, to creatively and in accordance with the time and place and society as it is today, find the words that will make their way to the inside of the people you are talking to. Thank you for your art!


Courage and delicacy, these two qualities united and supporting each other. Vibrating, fully alive. Enjoying all that is there for us. Hmmm!


Olivier, Stockholm, Nov. 10, 2009.

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