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Issue: November 2009
The Olive Groves of England

By Roland

“Perhaps you could write one of those 'lateral’ articles about this.”  Susannah suggested.

We – Susannah, Ya’Acov, Susanne and myself were sitting at Susannah and Ya’Acov’s kitchen table having a meeting.

“Ah – er – yes.” I replied.  I wasn’t really quite sure what 'lateral' meant in this context and I had been slightly distracted by trying to devise a way to take yet another piece of chocolate from the organic milk chocolate Green and Black’s bar in the centre of the table. 

Susannah had produced the bar at the beginning of the meeting, unwrapped it and broken it into squares.  So far she and Susanne had several squares each, Ya’Acov had had none at all as he does not eat sugar but usually at these meetings has some fantastically nutritious drink to sip, while I had definitely had more than my fair share of the chocolate and wanted more.  I was thankful that no-one so far had notice my greed.


Three sets of eyes were looking at me clearly expecting a little more of a response than the one that I had given.  I rapidly reviewed the discussion as far as I could remember up to the point where I had got distracted by my plans to have more chocolate. 


We had been discussing the contents of the November newsletter.  I had started by putting on my very large and important marketing hat and making a plea that we emphasised the major courses that we are presently taking bookings for like the Journey of Empowerment and Ritual Ongoing groups and Awakening.   The impact of my words wasn’t as great as I had hoped, so I took the hat off again and went back to surveying my options with regards to the chocolate situation.  Susannah was talking about how she was passionate to promote the revamped ‘sixbillionreasons’ website.   I leant forward and stretched out my arm in what I hoped was a casual manner across the table.  The appearance of my arm seemed to stop her flow for a moment so I changed its direction and instead of chocolate picked up my cup of peppermint tea.  Ya’Acov then suggested that we linked the courses and 6 Billion Reasons explicit, adding “Why not?” – one of his favourite and sometimes most infuriating questions.  Susanne had been quiet but now when she spoke it had been wise and thoughtful and endowed with the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism.  And then in an excited flurry of ideas and words it became clear that the idea that we needed to promote was that living in integrity with full awareness of the need of others and the planet was incredibly empowering.  “I wish we had taped this.” Ya’Acov exclaimed “It so good.”  My eyes inwardly rolled and the cynic in my head on his throne of fool’s gold muttered about how strange it was that when people get excited that they think they are being very wise.


And this brings us up to the point where Susannah suggested that I write an article about it.


“You could load a picture of yourself and add some written details about why you think you are a reason and then compose an article for the newsletter about the experience.” Susannah added. 


All the eyes were still looking at me waiting for a response.  A turmoil of thoughts exploded inside me.  Why?  What difference would it make?  Wasn’t the prospect of no binding agreement at Copenhagen because of those wretched Americans and their Senate that was dragging their feet about passing their Climate bill?  Wasn’t I already doing my bit for the planet by cutting down on my energy consumption.  None of these thoughts did I express out loud.  Instead I said:


“Why not?” in what I hoped was a very subtle subliminal echo of Ya’Acov’s use of the phrase earlier.   And then, taking advantage of the moment when we moved to a new topic, I casually reached forward and took two squares of chocolate and put them straight in my mouth.  As I gentle allowed the delicious chocolate to melt in my mouth I looked around the table and I’m sure I spotted a twinkle in Ya’Acov’s eye.  He doesn’t miss much, does he?


And so, after several days of prevarication, I went to the sixbillionreasons site

uploaded a photo and set about writing a short text to go with.   Then I pressed the submit button and went to look at where my contribution had been placed on grid of pictures that had already been submitted.


The picture I added is the one at the top of this article and what I wrote was “Please act so that future generation can have the pleasure of walking over the wet windy misty moors and uplands of England rather than wandering through newly planted olive groves.”


And I have to say that I did find it a very enjoyable and empowering process.  So much so that my pet cynic has taken off his crown and gone to sulk somewhere out of sight for a while.  What is more I now really wish we had tape-recorded that discussion – it would have made writing this article a darn sight easier.  Anyway try uploading a picture yourself and see how you feel.


Now that Susannah and Ya’Acov are back from their 20 year delayed honeymoon they are very busy travelling and teaching.  Susannah has been off to Sweden and from their by train to Hamburg via Copenhagen.  And Ya’Acov is teaching in Israel.


When they return they will be giving a talk at St David’s Church, Hele Rd in Exeter on the evening of the 17th Nov.


At the end of the month Ya’Acov is teaching first in The Netherlands where he is running an E-motion workshop from 20th – 22nd  Contact:  Frank +31 71 8893253


Then he travels onto Norway where he will be running For All Our Relations from the 25th – 29th  Nov.  Contact Kristin + 47 99 61 96 40


In December he will be teaching Alchemy of Stillness at the EarthSpirit centre in Somerset on 8 -13th December.  We still have a handful of place for this workshop.  For an application form and further information please contact Roland on 01803 762255


On the 22nd November Susannah is running a Pacha Mama "Be the Change" symposium in Totnes with Chris Salisbury.  Please contact Roland on 01803 762255 if you would like to take part in the day.


At the end of November she will running the last module of the 2009 Journey of Empowerment at Croydon Hall.  Next year’s Journey of Empowerment will be held in Switzerland.  For the application form and further information please contact Roland on 01803 762255

Then in November she will be teaching Rock My Soul! in Bern, Switzerland on the 5th and 6th.  She has written an article about teaching this workshop in Sweden which is published in this newsletter.  To book and for information please contact Katriona +41 33 676 2708

There  are also places still available for the Move! evening in on the 4th December.  Please also contact Katriona (details above) if you want to take part in this evening.

Susannah will be at Copenhagen from the 8th - 13th December.  For details of her dance and song events open to public activists and delegates alike see our clanedar (where details will appear as soon as they have been finalised).

The last Movement Medicine workshop of the year will be Returning Home and will be taught from 16 - 20th December at Centro D'Ompio, Italy.  For more details and to book please contact   Maria-Grazia +39 347-2446411

By the way you can now get up to date news about Susannah and Ya’Acov by following their twitter feeds on

From the land of mellow mists, rain and wind. 

Wishing you an old fashioned autumn




















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