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Issue: November 2009
Planet Saving, Emotional Stuff- the Stuff that Dreams are Made of….

By Hilary Chadwick

Recently I attended the brilliant E-Motion workshop facilitated by Ya’Acov in Sheffield. I am certainly inspired to “Be the Change’ and am making small and manageable steps to fulfill that aim.

But I am left inquisitive about what my future holds now? Here is what happened in the few preceding days before the workshop… call it serendipitous, connected or uncanny!

I had a dream…. I am with a family of close friends, we are looking for somewhere to park the car and park by a river in the grounds of one of their old houses (tho it’s a dreamscape house not real).

We leave the car and walk up on to a piece of land, and here I see a bird of prey perched next to a nest, it has a small head- I don’t recognize it, the colour is white with a few purple feathers.

We then we start walking amidst a group of big cats, they look towards us and all have amazing blue or green eyes. I am stroking a lionesses head, she takes my mobile phone very gently in her mouth and I suddenly remember that these are wild animals and are potentially dangerous.

I look up and around, there are more animals of different varieties crowded together on this piece of land, - and there is a message ‘We are running out of space'. There is a sadness is the air.

I move through the group of big cats and I stop to stroke a black panther. I, again, recall the wildness of the animal and remember to be scared. I look around for something for us all to use for protection and find some long handled bathroom bushes to put in their mouths if they attack (very handy implements in such situations obviously!)

We move on and I am worried they may follow, with enter a building and are greeting my another of my friends, who practices Shiatsu and is very calm, but as I look back I see the shadow of a cat following….. I woke in the dark of the night and wrote it down.


The next day I am packing up to go to Sheffield for the E-Motion workshop and decide to check my email before leaving for the weekend. Here was this link in my inbox, sent from Roland, who in turn had received it from Ya’Acov. The beauty, power… and cats, of the Ashes and Snow footage blew me away, and with that I left swiftly for Ya’Acov’s workshop, already feeling lighter.  



The workshop was incredible! If there are any of you that care about the state our beautiful home planet is in then I believe this workshop is a must!

If you want to help and be part of the change to make this world a better place for all living beings then this workshop gives you some simple base instructions to enable positive progress. The Pachamama Alliance ‘Awakening the Dreamer’ or 'Be the Change’ Symposium that Ya’Acov wove into the weekends activities was direct, informative and powerful. In terms of the planetary situation the following was covered- Where are we/ what is the situation now? How did we get here? and What can we do to help to create a good future for all? Dancing through all this, using Movement Medicine to find my feet, my dreams, my connectivity with the world community, my fire, my determination, my peace and reassurance knowing that I am one of many dreamers dreaming a good and better dream for All and the Earth, one that is ‘Spiritually Fulfilling, Environmentally Sustainable and Socially Just’ (The stated intent of the ‘Be the Change’ symposium)


And for me, the dream I had also found its feet there, and within the dance. The alter painting by Sarah Blagg, included a black puma watching over us, my feet were often cats feet, sensing that animal instinct- I found an incredible balance and softness in those feet. When we were connecting to the Ancestors, I found the Cat Ancestors were there too- and that was amazing! Shocking and saddening however was the information that, since the time of the Industrial Revolution, Earth has lost 90% of her wildlife population… in my dream last week, I look up and around, there are more animals of different varieties crowded together on this piece of land, - and there is a message ‘We are running out of space'. There is a sadness is the air.


Also on the alter painting are an Eagle (a sign of the USA, hunter) and a Condor (the sign of South America, recycler). Together they are a symbol for the Pachamama Alliance???? The condor has a small, bald head, and although not usually white like in my dream, it was definitely the same bird. 


My dream this week is that more of us join the dreamscape of the Pachamama Alliance- it a dream worth sharing.


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