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Issue: November 2009
The Eagle, the Condor and the Capitalist

By Kerri Cripps

At the beginning of October I did Dancing with the Heart of the World with Ya’Acov, during which we watched a video called ‘Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream’. It was made by the Pachamama Alliance in response to a call from the Achuar people of
Ecuador. The Achuar have an ancient prophecy about a time when the Eagle and the Condor will fly together. The Condor represents the people of the South and the Eagle the people of the North which I take to mean those of us who are currently living unsustainably and using up the earths resources faster than they can be regenerated.

The Achua are asking us to wake up and join them in changing our collective dreaming, our view of the world and how it works, to one which is sustainable for all of us. I had a strong feeling that it was important that we engage with our current ‘Eagle’ dreaming and find out which aspects of it we might want to sustain.


The following week I went to a meeting of the climate change group I belong to and suggested we explore the role of the capitalist in order to discover if it had any wisdom that could help us change our dreaming. ‘Capitalism is the problem’ had come up as a strong theme in a public open forum on climate change which we ran a while ago and had recurred in different contexts several times since, so we decided to focus on it more deeply.  


We had a lot of fun becoming capitalists and climate change activists and having dialogues between them about how to save the planet. The capitalist role seemed totally able to adapt and exploit the climate change crisis and was unmoved by any of our social, moral, environmental or political assertions and accusations and after a while the activist side was beginning to despair!


Then I began to feel the energy of the Achua elder I had seen in the video and offered myself as a channel. Unlike in the other roles I had previously spoken from, this time I felt able to really meet the capitalist. I felt so grounded in my belief in the prophecy, in the support of my ancestors and my community and in the future wellbeing of my descendants. My total focus was on finding out what its essential dreaming was, beneath the surface of its exploitative nature.


The capitalist patronised me, and had many creative suggestions as to how to make a profit from me, and was only briefly thrown by our lack of money and only fleetingly interested in our social and political processes and my alternative definitions of wealth and profit. I however, had such a long term view that the capitalist’s series of short term adaptations had little effect on me. I wasn’t even attached to it changing during my lifetime, but I was interested in its ingenuity, its incredibly free creativity and its ‘Can Do’ attitude and in how I could exploit them, not for my own ends, but for our collective wellbeing.


We finished the group process by all taking the role of the capitalist and tuning in to the essential qualities relevant to each of us as people wanting to change the dreaming and the exploitative practices of capitalism. The qualities I found were a feeling of freedom and of going beyond the limits of our known capacity. These both seem important if we are to create a more socially just, environmentally sustainable and spiritually fulfilling human presence on earth, - the stated aims of the Pachamama Alliance.


One participant noticed that many of the qualities we found were the same as the ones we had discovered when we had processed our evidently unsustainable but non-the-less persistent desire to fly in aeroplanes. They are also remarkably similar to the qualities that I find when I process my brother’s suicide and the un-killable spirit that survives and needs more expression in me and in my family and in the world. It seems as if everything is interconnected!


As a result of this process, I now have a much stronger embodied sense of one of MM’s thematic concepts. I felt what it was like to stand at the centre of my own circle. I had a very present sense of connection with my ancestors and descendants and my circle of companions, and I felt supported by the earth to speak my truth and to be willing to listen to the truth of others however different from my own. It felt good. I personally would like more of that feeling and it is one we could all have more of without it costing the earth. And I also know that we Eagles have a wealth of ingenuity and creativity and a strong desire to expand the limits of what is currently humanly possible – the essence of the very things that have been the source of our destruction. These are potentially transformatory gifts which we can use to begin to change our dreaming and take our place alongside the people of the Condor and together create a new way of living together.



PS spell checker doesn’t like my unintentional mis-spelling of transformatory and suggests ‘transform Tory’ as an alternative, which I take as positive feedback from Word on behalf of all our relations!


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