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Issue: November 2009
Rock my soul rocked my soul!

by Susannah

When I asked “Can we marry the full on heights of party rocking hip rolling deep down juicy bad bass boogy-ing WITH the celestial tender exquisite prayerful deep quiet sensitive silence of meditative moving?"  "Can we find the freedom to be unique individuals whirling in the stratosphere of our own dreams, becoming the landing strip for spirit which is only and uniquely us, AND drop deep into our connectedness, unity, community, connecting 'I am' with 'we are' with 'it is'?" "Can we relax in our beings and stretch into our becomings, be matter and energy, light and substance, sky beings and earthlings, strong and tender, courageous and vulnerable?"

They answered "YES!"  And they did, we did. SO so so beautiful and when loads more came to join us for our Party and Prayer night, the vibe was so strong. 110 people found that full spectrum; teenagers and grandparents and everyone in between…. Stockholm you ROCK! This was a real moment in my life, to witness (and play music for!) the party prayer mix happening with such sauce and source, such ease and depth and joy. Thank you everyone! Thank you John Carrier, Jonas and Pernilla… Thank you Rock my Soul workshop group, and thank you everyone!

Next Rock My Soul -  Bern, Switzerland December 5 - 6th.  For more details contact  Katriona +41 33 676 2708

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