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Issue: November 2009
We can't all go to Copenhagen

by Susannah

YOU can make a difference. I know you care. Well, good news! You CAN do something. You ARE a reason. Here's a creative, fun, and fast way to stand up for the future of life on earth. And if we all use it and spread it, it has every chance to make a real difference.

We can’t all go to
Copenhagen, but you can add your presence this way.

You can make a difference. You do all the time, of course. But especially now, at this sensitive tipping point. Think of a see saw finely balanced in the middle. A tiny whisper of a weight on one side will send it one way or the other.  Combine many small weights and WOOSH!

Dear beloved friends. Here we are. On the line. At the brink. Inescapable that we are one planet. One family. With all life.  And yet the habits of how we see the world, how we act, are SO strong. As one astrologer put it; an unstoppable force is meeting an immovable object. The quest balances on a knife edge. You make a difference. YOU.

Evolution only happens when it has to. Climate change negotiators are admitting that they are stuck. Stuck within old paradigms of negotiation in which everyone holds their cards close to their chest and the game is to get as much as you can and give as little as you can.

Michael Zammit Cutajar: the Maltese diplomat who will chair the final Copenhagen negotiating session….described as the negotiator’s negotiator:“I don’t think the capacity to change is found easily in these halls. I am hoping the capacity to change comes in from the outside…. Positions remain the same until the instructions are changed.”

Sam Knight’s article in Prospect. Nov 2009.

That is US. You and me and our neighbours. If we combine forces, work together, link up, and have the courage to risk committed action without any guarantee of success, we CAN do this.

We have been working with our new colleagues Peter Armstrong and Anuradha Vittachi to create a portal for you to communicate with the climate change politicians.  We are excited, happy and grateful to have found these partners who have manifested this dream born in the summer when Susannah had a “eureka” moment, and thank Nick Hart Williams for connecting us. THANK YOU NICK! And our thanks to the amazing lady who believed in this project when it was just an idea and made it all possible. THANK YOU! And to Rosie who has contributed her design skill to the beautiful logo and website. And all our friends who’ve given feedback and moral support, THANK YOU!

Peter and Anuradha bring their skills and team. What we bring, besides our own hearts and minds and willingness to dream big, is YOU. And the creativity, potency and awakeness of the Movement Medicine network.

So please help us make a difference  at Copenhagen. Please do use the sixbillionreasons portal now.

(Don’t wait. Don’t leave it to others. For each one of us it is action that makes the difference between a dream realised and a dream that stays on the “to be done” shelf.)

And send it out to your networks. We want to make a difference at Copenhagen.  And this project will continue, set to peak with the next big climate change conference in Mexico and the London Olympics. We’ve got lots of plans to make the website even more interactive, exciting, and useful, pending next funding.

Meanwhile lets use what we’ve got and give all the support we can to real, positive action in Copenhagen.

Lets give those negotiators “new instructions” and support to find the courage to take think out of the box, to take leaps of imagination and co-operation, to change the game, to work together to see how much they can give (not how little), how far they can go (not how short), and to repair the future for all of our children and grand children, so that they will be able to look back and thank us for playing our part in the great turning; the great joining.

We’ve got everything to loose and everything to gain. Lets turn that into the freedom to act!

With my love and joy, lets dance!


Susannah Darling Khan





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