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Issue: October 2009
6 Billion Reasons

By Susannah and Ya'Acov

Welcome to a new and exciting climate change initiative that we hope will get your creative juices flowing. It’s called: 6 Billion Reasons

6 Billion Reasons gives you and people all over the world who want there to be a sustainable future for life on earth, a way to communicate with climate change negotiators. We invite you to get involved NOW by going to It’s easy, and can be as simple and fast, or as creative and complex as you wish.

In order to take the actions necessary to protect the future of life on earth our representatives need to move mountains. 6 Billion Reasons is designed to offer us, the people of planet earth, a way to inspire them to move those mountains; to communicate directly with the climate change politicians in creative, fun and imaginative ways.

6 Billion Reasons is our answer to the plea we have heard from Ed Milliband and other politicians that we, the national and global public, need to make a much bigger noise about climate change. The climate change negotiators need to feel the weight of substantial global opinion behind their best efforts to make strong, binding fair and binding agreements which will protect the future of life on earth for ALL our children.

We are intent on creating a potent message to our leaders from people everywhere, to take courage and act in the interest of the future of life on earth. Give them courage. Give them energy to follow the course that is in the best interests of all of life on earth. Let them feel your heart and help them feel their own hearts.

Here’s how: make or find a “pictogram” (a visual, either a still photo or a short video clip) that communicates the essence of your message. Upload it to Flickr or U-tube with the tag “Iamareason”.

The 6 Billion Reasons website will automatically find it, display it on the slide show, and, eventually, it will become a pixel in a stunning piece of digital art of the planet. It will be possible to zoom through pixelated layers from the whole view to the millions of pictograms and voices that make up the whole. This artwork will be a strong presence at Copenhagen, grow over the coming months, and peak as an extraordinary visual multi-media message at the London Olympics in 2012.

Your pictogram will help get this ball rolling and can be as simple or as imaginative as you want.

We are blessed to be working with amazing partners in this initiative, Peter Armstrong and Anuradha Vittachi, who have the team and the know how to make this vision real. They have accomplished so much already and it has only just begun.

One climate unites us all in a common currency of concern for the survival of our biosphere. If we are to preserve the conditions of life as anything like we know it, we need to move from self-interest to common interests and uncover a new paradigm of interconnection that works for us all. We, and all the life that inhabit this world, are in it together. We humans have created this crisis and we believe that we humans have the responsibility and the resources and imagination to find a way out of it. Time is running out. Public opinion needs to be mobilised fast to compel the climate decision makers to act now.

We intend this website to be un-missable. We intend to work with partners such as Avaaz, Oxfam, 10/10 and 350 to maximise all our efforts. We’re looking for a win-win situation. 6 Billion Reasons ( provides a portal for everyone taking action to protect life on earth to maximise the impact and effectiveness of their actions.


We regard YOU, the creative engaged human being who is reading this newsletter as potentially a prime collaborator in getting this global happening to happen Please use it: “get excited and make something” (we love that slogan, as seen on a tee-shirt at the ‘Big Chill’ festival this summer). And please tell your networks about it. As Lynne Twist says: ‘Together, we are a genius.”

Watch our vidoe about this at

With love and happiness,


Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan







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