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Issue: October 2009
Movement Medicine Coaching

by Caroline Carey

Years ago on my dancing path I would sometimes leave a workshop finding myself a little lost in the void of 'no dance, no tribe, no community' and feel a longing to talk to some one about my experience and to give me some guidance with my next steps. Often I would be booking very quickly onto my next workshop in order to get my next fix to continue the process in any way I could! And often that 'next workshop' would not be possible and I would feel the loneliness of no communication. It is not necessarily the teachers or organizers we need to talk to and is maybe not appropriate to do so.

Often our family and friends who may know nothing of this work just do not understand or have no idea what really happens to us on the dance floor. How could they if they have not experienced this themselves?


I began to recognize how vital it is to have some kind of follow up after an intensive course or even a weekend workshop where emotions may be triggered, where old patterns of behavour and beliefs are changed throwing us into confusion. All these things are meant to happen because they are part of our healing process and a necessary part of this journey. So finding support in order to deal with these changes can often be a difficult process. We know it is 'good' but often uncomfortable, we need to share it and communicate it with some one else who understands.


I often say to people when they leave my own workshops "if you find yourself feeling over emotional, remember it is not about you husband, wife, kids or cat !! take responsibility and express your emotions in a grown up and healthy way" In other words 'dont kick the dog!'


Better still, find some one who understands pick up the phone or email and arrange a coaching session where you will receive good advice in taking the next courageous steps into new growth, harmony and freedom.


Sometimes deep passions and dreams come to the fore and we realize that our life needs to move on or take a different direction. So having some one to brain storm with, creating new ideas, setting goals and mapping out the future is supportive, exciting and fun! 


Taking on a coach is taking responsibility for our lives and recognizing we don't have to do it alone, it is a courageous act and shows a determination to move on with our lives. 


There is now a coaching service which is part of the School of Movement Medicine School and run by professional coaches who have had long term experience in workshops and on dance courses them selves. They know how the dance can trigger our lives, they know the deep process of change and have seen in their own lives how it can affect their families, careers and way of living. 


We are here to support you. 


If you think this might be useful for you at this moment or at a time in the future please keep this email handy,  or call  Caroline 00353 86 053 1672 


Feel free to write at any time with your questions and for information on how this process works. Coaching can often be tailored to suit your own schedule. It is possible to have a one off session or to arrange a whole years coaching. There are payment options to suit your budget.


Sessions are done over Skype or on the phone, easy and convenient. At this moment all sessions are in English.


Caroline Carey

Alchemy in Movement

For coaching sessions please email or call 00353 (0)86 053 1672


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