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Issue: October 2009
Losing Ya'Acov

by Roland

“Ya’Acov.” I called out in long drawn out fashion that I would hope would penetrate the woodland rather than blast it.  I had just been told by the caretaker of the land, Chris, that this wood had been a larch plantation but that now it was reverting to wildwood all the right elemental beings were living here again.  I certainly didn’t want to disturb them.   I listened for a reply.  There was none.  There was no wind and no bird song just a sleepy silence and I felt as if my voice had been absorbed by the trees.

“Ya’Acov.” I called again – much louder this time.  “I have to go soon – I’m taking Susanne out for her birthday.  I have a table booked for 7.30.”  Nothing moved - not even an indignant sprite or an annoyed wood nymph.  I continued my search around the wood following the network of paths.  In my hand I was carrying a small hawk feather that I had found on the woodland floor.  I came for the second time to the place where I had left Ya’Acov over an hour before. There was no-one there. Ya’Acov had wanted to sit for a while to see whether this was the place that he wanted to run the next year’s Vision Quest so Chris and I had left him and walked on up the path to the small camp at the top and then Chris had gone home. 


Where was Ya’Acov? For some reason in situations such as this – where I cannot work out why something has happened – I find myself imagining the most unlikely of scenarios and causes.  So it was that, as I retraced my steps, I ran through in my mind the conversation I was going to have with the police about Ya’Acov’s disappearance.  As I was approaching the top of the wood I had just got to concluding part of the police interview and the policeman was saying:  


“And so, Sir, this friend of yours, who is some kind of dancing shaman, disappeared in this area of woodland, which is heavily populated by elemental beings, and you suspect that he might have been whisked off to another reality.”  At which point I would nod to indicate that he had summarised my ramblings correctly and the policeman would continue.  “Well, we will have to send in our special psychic police task force – I’ll get onto it right away.  By the way, nice feather – is it a hawk's?” 


Now I was beginning to become a bit anxious.  I had no mobile phone and was concerned that I would not be back home in time to take Susanne out.  In fact I couldn’t get home at all as we had come in Ya’Acov’s car and he had the keys in his pocket.  Every so often I called out his name and was very relieved when finally I heard my own name called in return.


The explanation for his disappearance was of course mundane.  He had turned left rather than right on his way back to the meeting place and had wandered off into some other woodland but had eventually found a road and so had made his way back.  “It gave me a chance to get to know the area.  I think it will be good for the Vision Quest.” he said.


All ended well and I arrived home just in time to wash, shave and change and drive to the restaurant. And we had found a very good place for the Vision Quest ceremony which will take place next June. 


The Vision Quest forms the second module of the Ritual work but it is possible to apply for this module (or any of the modules) on it own.  For more details including the application form please go to


Susannah’s Ongoing Group,, is taking place at the wonderful Waldhaus centre in Switzerland next year.  If you are considering making an in depth study of the Movement Medicine work we strongly advice you to follow this course.  Dates and costs can be found on the application form which you can download from the website


There is still a chance to get the early payment discount for Ya’Acov’s Alchemy workshop which is taking place at the EarthSpirit centre in Somerset 8 – 13thDecember if you can get your application form here by Wednesday 7th October.  Again the application form is available on the website but do contact me on +44 1803 762255 or if you would like to send me one for this workshop or either of the two ongoing groups.


The early payment discount cut-off date for the Phoenix Retreat is November 14th.   The workshop is held at the EarthSpirit Centre 5 – 13th March.  Details of the workshop can be found at and application forms are available on the website or from me. 


Susannah and Ya’Acov are away for much of October having a holiday to celebrate 20 years of being married.  But when they return towards the end of the month they will begin a busy series of workshops and events up until Christmas.


They will be talking and teaching at the Mind Body Spirit festival in Dublin on the 25th October. 


Then on the 31st October they will be teaching a Move! day together in London.  This will be a special day and is in part a celebration of the publication of their book Movement Medicine: How to Awaken, Embody and Dance Your Dream and their CD  Movement Medicine: Movement Meditations Volume 1 - For The Dance Of Life

We hope you can be there.


The next day – Nov 1st they will again be teaching in London.  They will be running a session at the Passionate Movement day at Cecil Sharp House.


October 6 -8 Susannah will be in Stockholm, Sweden teaching   Rock My Soul contact   John +46 8 663 41 50.  There will also be a Party and Pray evening there on November 7th


She will also be teaching a Move! evening on the 9th November in Malmö, Sweden.  Contact: Christina +46 705 18 28 75


Ya’Acov will be in Israel  in November teaching a Move! on the 10th and Source 11 – 14th   Contact  Aviya +972-9-7418203


On the 12th November Susannah will be running a Move! evening in Hamburg, Germany and then Resonance 13th – 16th.  Contact   Edgar +49 40 1888 65 95 for more details about these workshops.

On the 17th November Susannah and Ya’Acov will be giving a Talk in
about Movement Medicine. Call  +44 01647 231 630 


On the 20 - 22  Nov Ya’Acov will be in The Netherlands teaching  E-motion.  Contact   Frank +31 71 8893253


From there he will travel to Oslo, Norway where he will be teaching For All Our Relations 25 – 29th Nov   Contact: Kristin + 47 99 61 96 40

Pachamama "Be The Change" symposium, with Chris Salisbury and Susannah Darling Khan, Totnes,  Sunday, 23 November, £20 to cover costs, all profits to "Be The Change."
Times: 10-18.00. Bring food to share for lunch. Book with Roland


Wishing you the fruits of Autumn





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