School of Movement Medicine - Mindfulness in Motion
Issue: September 2009

September – Bring it On!
By Roland

August is a quiet month in the
School of Movement Medicine
office and I tell myself that I should like the relaxed regime which allows time for gardening and reading.

But each year I find myself looking forward to subtle change of season halfway through the month when the sap in the trees stops rising, the days become noticeably shorter, the evenings cooler, the colour of berries start burning brighter and the first eating apples are in abundance.  But it is at the end of the August when the tourists leave Devon and the phone starts ringing and emails pour in and the business of this office resumes in earnest, that I actually relax. 


This September seems to have got off to a flying start.  First there has been the publication of Susannah and Ya’Acov’s book  "Movement Medicine: How to Awaken, Dance and Live Your Dreams".  I would write my own glowing praise of this book but Tony Rickerby a dancer from Hebden Bridge has already reviewed the book for the Amazon.  He writes:


“This is a wonderful book, full of the author's lives and learning and a guide to their work.  It explains simply what they do and what you can do to search for sanity in this crazy world. I'm very happy to have this wisdom concentrated into an easy read.  MANY THANKS to Ya'Acov and Susannah.”


Then there was the publication of the Movement Medicine CD.  Again I would write fulsomely with my praise but David Kellett has done a better job than I can do


“This is a fantastic CD! In fact it is a double fantastic CD. CD One has 4 Movement Medicine Meditations on it (one of which spreads over 4 tracks) while CD Two has the music from CD One but without the voice over guidance plus a great bonus track which is itself over 16 minutes long. There is a Tree of Life Meditation, An Awakening the Dancer Meditation, An Elemental Journey (in Four Parts - for Earth, Fire, Water and Air) and A Journey to Meet a Wise Elder. The music is subtle and flowing played on a variety of mostly acoustic instruments. Unlike a lot of "New Agey" releases the music here is not pretending to be anything other than itself - it is not fake world music - though there are many influences and instruments from around the globe here - but like the Darling Khan's Movement Medicine work it is a thoroughly contemporary synthesis of many strands which ultimately stands on its own feet as a modern western system of shamanic, transformational, self-development.


I've attended workshops led by Susannah and Ya'Acov over the years and this CD release manages to both give a taste of their work and to give a flavor of how they teach in their workshops. These Movement Meditations help you to ground yourself in your body, to really feel and live your body so that your spirit can begin to go free. Even in a recording you really feel that Susannah and Ya'Acov's guidance if so deft, sure and above all safe. They really know how to hold the space - directing just enough to get you where you need to go - but always leaving room for the individual's own pace and for the different journey that each of us is on.


This release is a companion to Susannah and Ya'Acov's book "Movement Medicine: How to Awaken, Dance and Live Your Dreams". You could buy one and not the other but together they really give you some keys to changing your life.”


Both the Book and the CD are available from Amazon at  Please do rank and review it if you buy either the book or the CD from Amazon.


In connection with the book Susannah and Ya’Acov are doing a few promotion events and talks some of which are not on our printed programme of events. 


First of all they are being interviewed in a 40 minute programme on  Radio Ceredigion and the FM frequency is 96.6 97.4 and 103.3 on Sunday 13th September 8pm - 9pm UK time. You can listen wherever you are in the world by following the URL. There is no listen again facility on Radio Ceredigion but we hope to get a copy of this interview so we can make it available.


On Monday 28th Susannah and Ya'Acov will be giving a talk at Alternatives in London on the evening of Monday 28th Sept. For more details and to book go to


They are also giving a talk in Exeter on 17th Nov.  Details are at


They have been invited to teach at the Mind Boy Spirit festival in Dublin on 25th October.  For more details contact Heidi at or go to


The book publishers Hay House are also arranging a one day workshop in London on 31st October.  You can book directly for this at   The workshop is designed as an introduction to Movement Medicine and will also be a celebration day to mark the launch of the book. So please feel free to come and join us and bring your friends and let's 'Dance our Dreams awake' for ourselves and for all life on earth.  This event will also be special as it is a rare occasion that you can experience the magic of Susannah and Ya'Acov teaching together.


We also have some ‘normal’ workshops available in the forthcoming weeks.


Ya’Acov is teaching E-motion: Dancing with the Heart of the World in Sheffield from Friday 2nd October to Sunday 4th .  Contact Kerry for enquiries and bookings at +44 114 258 7861


On the same weekend Susannah will be going to Germany where she will be running Pachamama Symposium and Move! Evening in Zegg on October 1st.  Contact Janos +49 176 205 19209  and then a Trance-Formations weekend in Berlin 2 -4th October Contact Kathrin +49 30 28458820 to book and for further details.


Many of you will have heard that Gabrielle Roth is unwell. All of us at the School of Movement Medicine wish to take this opportunity to wish her a speedy recovery. May all the blessing she has put into the world return to her in a good way.

Wish you all well on and off the dancefloor




Letter from Ya'Acov
Good Day to You dear dancer and Strutter of Fine Moves. I hope you’ve had a lovely summer. The circle keeps turning and ready or not, Autumn is on the way.

It’s been so good for me to be at home en famille over the summer. Having time to be, eat lots of greens from the garden, and hang out with my favourite people in the world has just been so very nourishing - Susannah (I am totally blown away by how much love there is to keep falling into), Reuben (who has grown into such a very fine young man and whose 18th birthday we got to celebrate at the Big Chill – what an honour to be invited to party with him!), and our lovely dog, Tali (a heart on legs and a wagging tail that could solve the world’s energy crisis).


Over the past year, writing our book, making our CD, and teaching widely has meant that my mind has had to be very focused. I needed to let it wander in the big sky and invite the summer winds to blow through the busy corridors and clear away all the debris of old thoughts.


At the beginning of our holiday, I did a tarot reading for myself to get some insight about how to spend our time. The reading was very helpful. Firstly, I was shown the simple value of the work we had done. That was followed by the need to feel rewarded. That made me very curious. I wondered what reward meant to me and I asked the tarot to give me a reflection of this. I drew the ‘surfer’ card followed by card that depicted the joy of learning. Couldn’t get clearer than that! So off I went for my first kite surfing lesson. And what an adventure that turned out to be. Some part of me did wonder whether it was a good idea for a 45 year old to learn such a demanding and potentially dangerous sport. However, the very first moment that I was up on my board, following nine and a half metres of kite through the sky and skimming across the rushing tide of Bantham Estuary, such thoughts vapourised. They were swiftly followed by many others until I was left exhausted, bruised (many times my board went one way and the kite and I another), and empty with the salt air turning to tears in my eyes.


It’s so very funny though how time, the old enemy, is having its way with me. On another day, Susannah and I were having a catamaran lesson off the coast of Salcombe. At a certain moment in our lesson, I realised that our teacher, a fine young man called Ben, was less than half my age. I was astonished to realise that I had begun the journey towards joining the older generation! How funny! Not long after, the inevitable happened as I ended up picking up a new pair of beautiful prescription reading glasses from the opticians. And then there was the music at the Big Chill festival. As I said, we went there to celebrate Reuben’s 18th. We ended up camping next to an old friend’s sauna yurt. Beautiful as that was, it was also the super sonic crossroads for about 7 sound systems. How we managed to sleep at all will remain part of the unanswerable great mysteries of life. Our poor little hearts just didn’t know which beat to dance to! But, it was all more than worth it. To watch our son becoming a man, as he ended his apprenticeship as a chef and then partied like an 18 year old should, has been one of the deepest pleasures of my life. Somebody I met in the sauna early one morning (and whoever you were, thank you, you are truly an angel) boldly stated that the queen should send telegrams of congratulations to any parents who get invited to celebrate their offspring’s 18th in such a fulsome way. Like the tarot, some reflections just touch the deeper layers of being a spirit living in a body; more sweat and more tears followed.


Ah yes, the music! I mean, don’t these youngsters know what music is!!! The new norm seemed to us to be a shadow filled racket of electronic distortions. And just why do they all walk round with their arses hanging out of their trousers, underwear brand names flashing in the sunlight? Oh dear, you see what I mean? Not only am I in the process of becoming the older generation, some parts of me have already moved in and parked their well-prepared attitudes just wherever they want to. It’s as if the Great Choreographer places some as yet undiscovered gene that we are all destined to pick up on the narrow bridge between generations that fires off with perfect timing the moment we cross that bridge. I find it hard to believe that there’s any part of me whatsoever that has fallen into this hilarious archetypal disapproval of what the next generation is up to. Perhaps it’s something to do with evolution but I have to say, I think it’s just one more cosmic joke designed to give the gods a good laugh!


Some days, we just sat at home, our shiny new reading glasses perched on the bridge of our slightly offended noses, and read each other chapters from our book. How sweet that was and how good to finally feel this book manifested in our hands. Last night, the last of our holidays before beginning to teach again, we offered our book and CD to the fire in a little ceremony to mark its going out into the world. Another child leaving home. We sent it with our prayers out through the chimney to go and do its work. As the flames licked through the pages, it suddenly opened and within a couple of seconds, there it was, orange and green and red, the phoenix firebird spreading its wings.


And so, we come back to the big wide world to dance with the autumn leaves and ready for another season of letting go and change. And what an important autumn this is for us dear brother and sister humans. In December, the politicians of the world will meet in Copenhagen for a massively important conference on climate change to grapple with the biggest challenge we have ever faced. Susannah has come up with a project that we are now working on together called 6 Billion Reasons. It’s a simple idea that we hope will inspire literally millions of people across the globe to get involved and use their creativity to let the politicians know that we care. Please do join us.


As it happens, the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference coincides with one of my favourite and strongest workshops, the Alchemy of Stillness. Here’s a little quote from the workshop write-up: Our journey will lead us to the centre of the heart where wisdom and compassion reside. This alchemical process works directly with the physical structure of the body to strengthen our core and create energetic support for the heart. Through this process, we will dispel ancient shadows and recover the instinctive and intuitive power of the embodied heart. Part of our work is the creation of a temple of installations. These will form the landscape we call The Alchemist’s Garden, in which we will spend the whole last night of the workshop in ceremony. In this garden of possibility, the dancer is able to create the appropriate alchemical mixture for purification, healing and dancing prayer.


This particular Alchemy workshop will have the added focus of the Copenhagen Conference. It’s always a part of ceremony to reach out way beyond our own personal story and to dance for all our relations.  We will give everything we’ve got to add our energy and prayers to the great possibility for collective awakening that the climate crisis is presenting us with. If you would like to join us and add your creativity, dance and prayers to the Alchemist’s Garden and turn a little personal and collective lead into the gold of pure awareness, then please get in touch with Roland for more information.


In the meantime, I wish you a golden Autumn and deep joy in all you do.


Ya’Acov. September 2009.

Letter from Susannah

Dear Friends,

Hello! I’m delighted to be back on the dance floor after a summer of gentle delighting in being at home, falling in love all over again with Ya’Acov, celebrating Reuben’s 18th birthday, hanging with our beautiful sweet dog, seeing friends, capsizing catamarans, playing our guitars, loving this life, getting used to being authors and reading our book to each other.

I keep looking at an intentional collage I did 4 years ago at ‘Returning Home’ about writing, and being rather amazed, proud and grateful about the way that intention manifests (with just a little bit of sweat along the way of course!).

Now, with this year’s fine crew on the good ship Initiation ‘09, we are on course tonight as I write, for the island of puberty and adolescence, and much healing is happening. And it’s so good to dance and to hear the music I’ve been gathering all summer.

Meanwhile new projects are calling, of which you will hear soon. I hope to see you at Alternatives, St James in London on the 28th Sept  and do come and join us at Porchester Hall, London for the Move! day on the November 31st.  (Follow the links for booking instructions)


All blessings,



Alternatives - St James
by Richard Dunkerly

In 2000, I had wanted to start the new millennium in a memorable way and so I attended Patterns in the Sand with Susannah and Ya’acov. It was certainly one of the most powerful workshops I have ever attended and the energy of that week is still alive in me 9 years later. Later that year I became a director of Alternatives at St James’s Church in Piccadilly, a place of inspiration for heart, mind and soul with a wonderful programme of talks and workshops. Since then I have helped to bring to London the leading presenters in the Mind Body Spirit world including Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, John Demartini, Marianne Williamson and many others. I have also regularly danced the 5 Rhythms with the wonderful Sue Rickards in north London.

This simple yet profound practice has inspired and transformed my life in so many ways. One evening in 2005, I turned to dance with a beautiful woman, who is now my partner and the mother of our two year old dancing boy. We are getting married next month. So dancing and moving can change your life!  I’m thrilled that Susannah and Ya’acov will be returning to Alternatives on Monday 28 September with a talk on Movement Medicine. You can book online or pay on the door. Full details at

Warm wishes


St James’s Church
197 Piccadilly
London W1J 9LL
020 7287 6711


Dear friends, we'd like to let you know about this exciting and important action. 


 Susannah and Ya'Acov

Dear friends,

the results are in – more than 100,000 Avaaz members took part in the worldwide vote about whether we should go all out to organise a massive global wake-up call on climate change on September 21, and over 96% of us voted YES!

Now let’s get to work. More information about what will happen on the day is below, but the first step is to consider registering a climate wake-up call event to take place in your local area on the 21st. These will be quick, politically powerful, and a lot of fun. Our goal is to organise thousands of wake-up events (or "flashmobs") in public places all over the world -- showing a massive public demand for our lagging leaders to sign a fair and binding deal to stop climate catastrophe and unleash a new green economy this year.

The basic plan is so easy that anyone can register an event, and Avaaz technology will do the work of helping other people find one near them. We’ll send simple instructions about how to make these events successful: people will gather in groups at an agreed time on Sept 21st for a few minutes, and together make a phone call to their elected leader to press for climate action. Photos, videos and phone-calls from these events around the world will then be compiled into a powerful package and delivered to world leaders and the media at the UN climate summit the next day!

Click below now to register a climate wake-up event in your area, or keep reading to learn more:

The climate wake-up events are based on the idea of “flashmobs” -- fun, peaceful demonstrations in which participants assemble suddenly in a public place, blending in with the crowd, perform an unusual action simultaneously for a few minutes, and then quickly disperse. They will be mostly self-organising, so should be easy for everyone involved.

On the morning of September 21, everyone participating will set our alarms and gather together a few minutes before the assigned time, at locations chosen by the hosts in our local area. When our alarms go off, we'll hold up our mobile phones and find each other, and then, as a group, call our leaders to urge them to go to
and sign a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty this year. We'll make as much noise as we can,

Your role is straightforward: you just need to choose the location (a good public place near you) and register a Sept 21 event using our online tool, encourage friends to attend, and read through a short kit beforehand so you have all the information you’ll need. Get creative or keep it simple -- it's a fun way to contribute to the climate movement, and a great way to meet other Avaaz members.

Thousands of simultaneous events will give us a great chance to seize the attention of world media and of leaders everywhere. Our partners in the TckTckTck campaign will be working alongside us -- citizens’ groups and NGOs everywhere, helping to organize wake-up call events on the same day, from film screenings and dancing to aerial photography. But at the heart of it all are these grassroots wake-up call events which we as citizens need to make happen... so if you think you can commit to attend one of these events on the 21st September and you can think of a good place for it near you, register a local event at this link now:

The climate crisis is a massive challenge. Together we can beat it, but time is short -- we can't rely on old tactics to generate new results. Let's get creative!

See you on Sept 21,

Ben, Iain, Taren, Paul, Graziela, Ricken, Paula, Luis, Alice J, Pascal, Benjamin, Alice W, Brett, Milena, Raluca, Julius, Margaret, Veronique, Chris -- and the whole team

PS: If you can’t commit to host an event, don’t worry -- just keep an eye out for more wake-up call messages from us soon, giving you the opportunity to sign up to participate in one of the events or to take action from home.

These Climate Wake-Up Call events are an experiment in so-called "flash mobs". You can learn more about flash mobs here

The default time for the wake-up events will be 12.18pm on September 21, standing for the 18th day of the 12th month (the final day of the vital UN climate conference in Copenhagen, the deadline for a new climate treaty) -- lunchtime -- but you can set another time for your event on the 21st if that works better for you. Thousands of simultaneous climate wake-up call flash mobs will help focus global attention on the climate crisis. Be the first to register an event in your area now!

while recording videos and photos for the UN presentation -- then head back to work, school, or home to upload the results!

The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of the School of Movement Medicine. Roland Wilkinson, Nappers Crossing, Staverton, Devon TQ9 6PD, UK Tel & Fax +44 (0)1803 762255 http://www.