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Issue: September 2009
Letter from Susannah

Dear Friends,

Hello! I’m delighted to be back on the dance floor after a summer of gentle delighting in being at home, falling in love all over again with Ya’Acov, celebrating Reuben’s 18th birthday, hanging with our beautiful sweet dog, seeing friends, capsizing catamarans, playing our guitars, loving this life, getting used to being authors and reading our book to each other.

I keep looking at an intentional collage I did 4 years ago at ‘Returning Home’ about writing, and being rather amazed, proud and grateful about the way that intention manifests (with just a little bit of sweat along the way of course!).

Now, with this year’s fine crew on the good ship Initiation ‘09, we are on course tonight as I write, for the island of puberty and adolescence, and much healing is happening. And it’s so good to dance and to hear the music I’ve been gathering all summer.

Meanwhile new projects are calling, of which you will hear soon. I hope to see you at Alternatives, St James in London on the 28th Sept  and do come and join us at Porchester Hall, London for the Move! day on the November 31st.  (Follow the links for booking instructions)


All blessings,



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