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Issue: July 2009
Through the Glass Ceiling

by Susannah

We have just completed the first module of our new Apprenticeship Programme.  We thank everyone who was involved and who gave energy to this programme, whether or not you were there with us last week. This really was a co-creation by many, many people.  THANK YOU!

It was a big event in our lives. And the reality of this circle: being, working and making our offering together was even more than we had dreamed of which has given a new sense of direction and meaning to the rest of our work.

The conscious intention and function of this Apprenticeship Programme is to be a space where each of us can relax more deeply into being who we are, and grow more strongly into who we are becoming, and what our offering is in the world.

And it has begun. The Long Dance raised over £11,000 for over 35 charities, and two days and nights of beautiful, focused, deep and light dancing and musical prayer and healing dissolved many glass ceilings for me personally about what we are capable of, both individually and as a community. Many dreams came to pass, and many dreams were born, renewed and empowered through this Long Dance, which, even now, have begun their process of manifestation.

I feel like an archer who used to have a small bow and arrow, and who has just reached down for her how and found it has turned into a long bow. Wow. Lots more potential and lots more responsibility.  My bow of stability and my arrow of intention are for the highest, highest possibility for us all at this time to make the shifts we need to mend our relationship with the earth, each other and spirit so that our lives can become sustainable once more.

And all the other workshops, like the Journey of Empowerment which has just begun with a wonderful group of dancers and singers, and from which I am writing,  with great gratitude for the joy of this shared work of awakening to our potential and embodied, heartful intelligence,  come into a new kind of focus in the light of this lens. 

Initiation is the next big workshop ship to come into harbour. It’s often known as the “washing machine workshop” and all those of you who have journeyed on the good ship “Initiation” will know why; you get a thorough inner laundry on each of the islands of past, present and future, on which we land… This is an intense journey and an important part of the Movement Medicine journey, learning the capacity to be strong AND vulnerable enough to sense, embody, move and be with the energies of ancestors, of prayer for ourselves, each other and the world, of high joy and deep sorrow, and to rest in the mystery of it all.


We look forward to seeing you somewhere on the journey,

Wishing you a wonderful summer,


Dance, sing, pray, work, rest, be happy!

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