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Issue: July 2009
Family – A Vision for the Future

By Ya'Acov

Dear Friends, our work dances us the banner:

“Dare to dance. Dare to Dream.”

I am aware that the lives we are living now are the result of thousands of decisions, actions and thoughts, that we and all our relations had yesterday. It follows then that what we experience tomorrow will be the result, at least in part, of the thousands of decisions, actions, thoughts and dreams, that we have today. What are we dreaming? What are we part of creating?

There are thousands of visions of the future being pumped into the airwaves every day that come from outside us. For the most part, they are laden with doom. Maybe one of the most powerful choices we can make is to decide what we will focus our attention on. What do we choose to give our precious creative energies to bringing into form and manifestation in this world. It’s recently become obvious to me that spiritual practice of any kind leads first of all to a clarification of and then an expansion of what we mean by the word: “I.” As our practice grows, we become stable enough within our own circle to recognise each other as mirrors. As we continue along the way, we recognise that all life is related and that we exist in a continuum that includes our ancestors and our descendants. The 48 hour Long Dance that we just completed with our first circle of apprentices was both an invocation of and a recognition of that reality. We’re still finding the appropriate language for things as they evolve within our work and a better title for the Long Dance may well be the Phoenix Dream Dance. It’s an amazingly focused ceremony where we get to step into the place of our dreams (or dreamtime) and either give them form or watch in amazement as they take form through us in our dance.


We would like to make our contribution to redressing the balance a little in terms of what we dream for our individual and collective futures. So with that in mind, we‘ve set up a page on our website that we invite you to create with us as a place where we can share our dreams, receive inspiration from each others dreams and generally, put out a few well chosen and focused vibes of the positive kind into the big belly of existence.


(this link will be working from Friday 24th July)


We’d like to encourage you to send in your dreams and visions for the future by offering a £100-00 voucher to be used for any Movement Medicine workshops, for the most creative, uplifting and inspiring vision of the future we receive (as judged by the most non-partisan folks we can find and whilst acknowledging that there’s no accounting for taste and all that jazz). The second most inspiring gets £50-00 and the third and fourth, a £25-00 voucher each. Please feel free to ask us to donate your prize to any chosen charity if you would prefer. Submissions should be in by September 1st and should not be more than 400 words long. I hope this little dream game tickles your fancy a little and we’ll look forward to sharing your inspirations. Please note that your entries may well end up on a public website so please feel free to use a ‘nom de plume’ if you would prefer.


Here’s a little go from me to get the ball rolling.


Have a beautiful summer. Ya’Acov. July 2009.


A dream seed for the future…..


I dream of living in a world where we all walk freely and in harmony with ourselves, each other, our environment, our ancestors and the spirit world, and with the oneness of the spirit within and beyond us; a world where individual expression doesn’t have to cost the earth and where unity and community are joyous places of co-operation not coercion. I dream of a future where each has the permission and the support and the inspiration to find their own way, their own truth and their own direct experience of this dance of unity and community.


I see people happy and content and delighted with the opportunity that another day on a living planet and in a living body, gives them to create with life.


I see a locally produced, gorgeous, organic plenty and abundance  of food and sustenance for all.


I see a world in which we have truly understood that like it or not, we are all one family. All of us. Even the ones we don’t get along with and fight with. We’re all family. The trees we chop down or plant, the earth we hold in reverence or trample underfoot, the sunrise over waterfalls and the sunrise through the smog of the city, the fire we sit around to share our hearts and the fire we send in fury against those we call enemies, the waters that bring life and the tsunamis that bring death, all living beings, all living beings are one family. We are one. What I do to you I do to myself (not a new idea this one but a timely one). We are really and truly one family of universal and eternal life being born and reborn in an infinity of unimaginable creation. I dream of a world where we all know this and live from this, whatever our style, whatever our expression, whatever our raison d’etre.


I see peace at the core of things. Realised peace. Passionate peace. Peace that grows and changes and allows and encourages and evolves.


Dr.Livs de Dreem

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