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Issue: July 2009
Beyond my Dreams

By Ya'Acov

Dear Dancing Friends, I am about to disappear for a few weeks to take some rest. I’ll be out of contact until September 1st and even the workaholic in me reckons I’ve earned a little time out!

What a year this has been since last summer. This time a year ago, we were waiting for a meeting with the Editor from Hay House Publishers to see if they would accept our book proposal. I had dreamt the summer before that they would publish our book, and despite many people telling us that we had to get an agent and that we had to get our proposal sent out to loads of publishers to stand a chance, I was confident that the dream was on track.

When Michelle from Hay House came to see us on a very sunny day just before Susannah’s birthday last summer, we had the a few weeks stretched out before us. The weather was warm and we were ready to party. Michelle is very perceptive. She had read our proposal and the comments she made were completely on the ball. She told us that we were trying to condense 25 years of studying and experience into a tome that nobody would read. The material we proposed to put into the book would better be sorted into maybe 5 books and what we needed to do was to decide what to focus on in our first efforts. She also pointed out several areas in our sample text where she said it read as if we were trying to convince someone of something. “Mmmm, interesting,” said we! She was fairly sure that given her comments and us re-submitting a more streamlined proposal, that the team at Hay House would take us on and publish our first book. We were beyond ourselves with excitement. And then she told us that it would be great if we could get her the manuscript by the end of January. Wow!!! We looked at our calendars. Between that day and the deadline, we had 44 days of possible writing time, and that included the summer days stretching out before us.


So, in Darling Khan style, we decided to get to work after Susannah’s birthday party which was the following weekend. We got together a writing plan which included the structure of the chapters, roughly how many words would be in each chapter, approximately how many words we had to write each day in order to meet the deadline, and who would write what.


And then we set to work. Roland had found a short writing course on the internet by Nick Daws called “How to write your book in 28 days.” A bit of a naff title but, given that we had 44 days, we thought it was probably an appropriate one. It proved to be excellent, especially in helping to refine our structure and in helping us to get clear about the difference between left brain editing type of work and right brain creative flow kind of work. At about the time we started to write, it started to rain. And it rained and it rained for what seemed like weeks. In 18 days, we were 65% done. We had many challenges along the way and many great days too. We were pregnant with words and as soon as we tuned in, got out of the way and opened the doors, the words just came flooding through.


We handed our first manuscript in two weeks early and then came all the processes of editing, designing, writing ‘thank yous’ and bibliographies. And last week, Hay House happily informed us that our book was at the printers.


Towards the end of writing, as we reached the last three chapters, I went through a couple of days of difficult times. I couldn’t seem to concentrate, felt irritable about nothing at all, and was generally not a happy bunny. Eventually, I got that I was scared of finishing it and putting it out into the world. It’s such a personal thing to write a book about our medicine and our experiences. And I hadn’t realised just what a weight I had been carrying all these years about the book that I just had to write! When we finished, I was walking in the woods and I felt a deep contentment beyond words. I had the thought that if I had to die now (and I want to be clear that at this moment, I hope to live and love for many years to come), if I really had to die, then for the first time in my life, I would be able to do so with a smile on my face. What a change in feeling and perspective that is.


So, our book (and a double CD too) will be on the shelves at the beginning of September. I hope that if you buy them, you enjoy them. The album has 7 Movement Medicine meditations on the first CD and then the same 7 without our instructions plus a bonus track on the second. The book and CD are both available to pre-order on Amazon.


And last week, we began our first Apprenticeship programme which included a 48 hour Long Dance. Apart from raising over £11,000 for 36 different projects, it was for me, the deepest and most magical ceremony I have ever been part of. I am so grateful to be working with such an amazing group of apprentices, a great Staff team and of course, the gorgeous Susannah. On the night before the Apprenticeship began, we asked, what is the nature of this programme. What we heard was:


The purpose of this apprenticeship is

To Relax in Being who you are and

Grow into who you can become

Through mastering/mistressing the principles and practice of Movement Medicine


As I turn in for the summer, I want to shout out a big thanks to life. So far, this Movement Medicine journey has truly been beyond my dreams. Wishing you a beautiful summer on all levels in every way.


Ya’Acov. July 2009.


If you are interested in joining the community of apprentices, the next opportunity to do so will be in the summer of 2011. The webpage has all the details you need about prerequisites and the dates when the workshops will happen.

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