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Issue: May 2009
Pacha Mama Symposium

Dear Friends,

Here is another opportunity to partake of the Pachamama Symposium  “Awakening the Dreamer”.

We (Susannah, Ya’Acov and Chris Salisbury) have been deeply moved and inspired by the work of the Pacha Mama alliance. We gave our first Pachamama symposium at Schumacher, and were inspired all over again; this material rocks!  This is a deeply creative, intelligent, empowering, and heartful response to the challenges of our time, bringing together environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfilment.

WHEN: Monday 18th May 2009. 10 am 'till 6.30 pm
WHERE: The Ril Centre , Buckfastleigh, Totnes.
COST: Donation to cover costs: between £10 and £20

TO BRING: Please bring food to share- teas etc provided.

So - you are heartily invited to join us (this time its with Susannah Darling Khan and Chris Salisbury) for a day of awakening. For those of you who don’t Chris, he is a story teller who has been offering environmental education with an artistic, mythic twist for many years as WildWise. We’ve all been meaning to do something together in this vein for a long time, and here it is.

Please do pass this e-mail onto whoever may be interested!

A few months ago Bernadette Ryder introduced us to the symposium which was created by the PachaMama Alliance. It has been designed to support people to acknowledge and find a creative response to the crisis of our time. The mission statement of the symposium is to help to bring forth a human presence on this earth which is environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling as the guiding principle of our times. For those already aware of and working with these themes and challenges the symposium seems to act as a deep well to re source and reconnect with the meaning behind the work you do, for those just getting the information, its a potent, inspiring and empowering look at what it happening, why and what we can do.

The PachaMama Alliance has grown out of a collaboration between the Achuar people of the Amazon, and a group of North Americans, whose number include Lynne Twist, the founders of the Hunger Project 20 years ago.

They have created a symposium which looks at where we are, how we got here, and where do we go from here? As well as being eye-opening, it is also heart opening and inspiring. We hope you can join us.

If you want more information about the symposium, look at the Awakening the Dreamer pages of the Pachamama Alliance www.pachamamaalliance

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Please let us know a.s.a.p.  if you want to come, and let us know  if you need directions by emailing Roland at or phoning 01803 762255

With Love,

Chris Salisbury & Susannah Darling Khan.

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