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Issue: May 2009
The Door of Manifestation

By Susannah

I asked our editor at Hay House about whether our book could be up on Amazon for people to pre-order. She said casually ďOh, I think itís already up thereĒÖ I looked. It was. It is. Oh my god, itís real!

So, there it is, you can pre-order our book which is called Movement Medicine: 9 Gateways to living the Dream and our instructional CD: Movement Medicine: Movement Meditations for Life from Amazon UK. In fact please do!

Itís been an amazing process to write this together with YaíAcov and Iím proud to say that, most of the time!, itís been a highly enjoyable process. Weíve found that we have SO much to say. Iím reminded of an image I had of creativity when I was a young student. I saw a queue of people waiting at a door. Each person represents an idea or creative impulse. The door represents bringing them in from the dream world into the world of manifestation. When you stand within the house of manifestation and look through your door, you can only see the person, or people at the head of the queue but as you take them in, more and more appear behind.

Iíve just come back from teaching ĎDanSingí in Cork, and what Iíve just said above is so true of this particular workshop. In our improvisational community practice, as people began to find confidence in themselves as naturally creative singing musical beings, our co-created spontaneous music began to grow, thrillingly beautiful, strong and tender. Songlines came streaming. I Ďtake off my hatí to this land of music, and acknowledge the pain, self-silencing and self-doubt which the weight of history has bestowed. I pay my respects to the song birds which took flight again this weekend. Long may you soar and grow confident in the value and uniqueness of your voice and the heart it expresses.

And I am very pleased to announce that you can now get The Walrog CD, from

This long-running project, making the CD version of the fairy tale The Walrog,  is now done! This project has been a very long time at the door of manifestation, as we tweaked and added and refined. And itís been worth it and Iím seriously pleased with it.

Itís the story of an unusual couple.  Their elemental, adventurous, almost tragic and redemptive story is told by Margot Henderson, YaíAcov and myself, accompanied by a sweeping, beautiful soundscape created by Be-Attitude with guitarist, Algy Behrens. Weíve designed it with car journeys and bed-time stories in mind. Itís suitable (we think!) for kids from 6 to 106 and can be heard as simply a good yarn, or as a parable on the mysteries of relationship.

With the first 50 copies ordered, you get a free Walrog book along with the CD. Roll up!

So, in this mysterious and challenging time, I wish you all grace and courage in bringing the gifts you have to offer the world through the door of manifestation and playing your part in the orchestra of world transformation. The boy in the seat behind me keeps saying: ďMummy, Iím so magic!Ē Yes you are!


Susannah Darling Khan





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