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Issue: May 2009
Rituals 2008 - 2009 - The power of present!

By Odet Sleeswijk

Today 29th of March. It is a week ago since I have left rituals module 3…

I feel more peace and calmness in myself. I feel so deep connected with my companions on my journey. Everybody is so focused to give all their attention to the circle, so I feel so safe to let myself go and experienced all energy through my body….

I have experienced my yang-energy on the dancefloor and in the ceremonies. I have screamed and shouted out my pain , I went all the way, without any restrictions. I gave all my tears and joy to my dance, my sweatprayers!


I have experienced my ying-energy to be aware of my feminine energy. I have danced my feminine energy on the dancefloor by feeling myself as a beautiful and sensitive woman. To be proud of myself as being a woman! And to be more connected with my (grand)mother!


I have healed the pain of my family. A deep wound, the sexual pain of a black woman! I have released my past and I have more energy and joy in daily life.


I feel more and more connected with mother Earth and father Sun. I am more soft and open and more loving to myself and Wijnand (my soulmate), my family and all my other relations (my brothers and sisters).



I don’t feel lonely anymore because I am home in my body. I feel the dancer inside of myself and she wants to come out and show herself to the world. And I am more focused on my future.  And at the same time, I go with the flow and creating my future by being present. You can call it…the power of present….



And the power of present and breath helps my in daily life to deal with all situations. To stand still and wait when the time is right to move on…to be active. Because sometimes it is better to do nothing and say my prayers.


I am ok!

You are ok!

we are ok!

We are all one!


I am grateful for life….


Odet Sleeswijk



The next Ongoing Group with the School of Movement Medicine starts is with Susannah. It begins in July and is called The Journey of Empowerment – Essentials of Movement Medicine Practice. This ongoing group is a prerequisite for the Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Programme. The next one begins in 2011.



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