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Issue: May 2009
All by accident or coincidence - after Awakening

by Hans Nusink

I 'did' Awakening this April and had a deep experience of grief and fear in the dance of the four elements, that I danced with two beautiful partners. The basis for things happening on my way home and being at home.

I travelled by ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland as I usually do. To reach Harwich I took a bus from London. In the bus I was seated next to a boy a bit younger than my son Bart. Let's say ten. He probably had had a tiring shopping weekend with his brother and father in London.

He fell asleep and his wobbling head rested at times on my shoulder filling me with tender grandfatherly feelings every time his head touched my shoulder. His father asked me if it was okay and I nodded yes from the bottom of my heart. My eyes filled with tears.


On the ferry I felt I would like to say goodbye to the UK and thank the other dancers who stayed behind in England or travelled abroad, Susannah and Ya'Acov, the spirits of good old England and Dartington and Dartmoor in particular, the elements. I thanked them on the upper deck of the ferry in some waves of fog and under the moon three quarters full surrounded by a yellowish circle of light. I felt so connected to the elements. Although I left the country I could still feel it. Surrounded by water and the air, with the moon above me, the fire still burned inside me, the essence which keeps me going


Back home having my service in the Wereldwinkel (Third World Shop) a client entered. She obviously had a bad time. We had such an open and touching contact, she cried a for while and I joined her. She was so grateful and I let her go happily.


Encouraged by Nicoline I felt the wish to organise  a common activity with Bart. And the opportunities were offered by a Compadres' newsletter and a catalogue of an outdoor shop. So we are going to a  father-son weekend and GPS workshop the coming months. Today we cut a branch of a hazel in a small natural area (without a ranger's permission, but with permission of the tree) to make a bow for me, so that we both have one for our father-son weekend.


Bart developed a game. Not electronic, God thanks. Bart is on the trampoline. He tries to catch a very soft ball which can take all kind of shapes, diving for the ball, flying  like a bird and landing safely on the trampoline in all kinds of odd postures. And I try to surprise him by not making it too easy for him. Big fun!


Inspired by one of the meditations we did during Awakening I gave the

f2fs24  'Past and our Ancestors and the connection with our descendants and the future meditation' at the end of a cycle of seven evenings for men. A training in which they search for their qualities  related to archetypes: the wild man, the lover, the king, the interpreter. the seer and the wise man.


This meditation seems to grow to a central and important one for me. At a 5Rtymths workshop in my home country I came during stillness to a huge sadness. Then that meditation came to me and my tears change to gratefulness. Wowwww....


Together with Nicoline and seven others dancers we had our first 5Rtymths dance evening around a fire in the middle of our roundhouse we built last year. We were happy one of the 5Rtythm teachers in the Netherlands liked to give this little workshop and she enjoyed it so much, a dream coming true: dancing so connected to the elements. And by accident, looking for  a free evening in our agendas, we ended up on the Thursday before Eastern on a full moon's day. Some coincidences are so lovely. Thank you.


As in the best relationships Nicoline and I had a incident about something not worthwhile mentioning. But the background was deeper. I was so happy that, as it touched me and made me sad and a bit angry, I had the impulse after dancing a Swing Free evening with friends to go in to our garden at night. I cut some red tulips and yellow and white daffodils and wrote "Thank you"  on a piece of paper and put it in a vase on the Eastern breakfast table.


If you like to see some pictures of the roundhouse, dancing and my family, please go to facebook to become a member. You can also ask me to become my friend, (I will say YES), and then view my pictures.


Thank you for reading this.


Hans Nusink

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