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Issue: May 2009
Walrog CD

The Walrog CD is out at last. It’s a highly improved version of the tape which came out 10 years ago, with 3 bonus (instrumental tracks). With the first 50 copies ordered, you get a free Walrog book along with the CD. Roll up! We’ll also have Morgan Doctors new CD in soon (its on its way from Canada) and Gabrielle Roth’s new CD Jhoom, with some funky tribal percussion, and a beautiful long meditative track from Chloe Goodchild.

Nick Barber’s exquisite ‘Blue Sky’ is continuing to get rave reports from those of you who’ve got it, and Darpan’s Fly Away is flying out of our hands fast as so many of you are happy to be able to play “Pacha Mama” at home.

The Walrog CD is the story of an unusual couple.  Their elemental, adventurous, (almost) tragic and redemptive story is told by Margot Henderson, Ya’Acov and myself, accompanied by a sweeping, beautiful sound-scape created by Be-Attitude with guitarist Algy Behrens. We’ve designed it with car journeys and bedtime stories in mind. It’s suitable (we think!) for kids from 6 to 106 and can be heard as simply a good yarn, or as a parable on the mysteries of relationship.

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