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Issue: May 2009
The Kangaroos and the Trampoline

By Roland

I was at Ya’Acov’s birthday party, talking to Chris Lüttichau about his new book Animal Spirit Guides.  Chris was explaining that the publishers had asked him at the last moment to add some pages about Australian animals.  He had some problems with this at first but after some research and shamanic dreaming had successfully completed the job.

“Tell me about Kangaroos.” I asked Chris,  “What are their Spirit Guide qualities?”

He looked at me rather quizzically.

“Why Kangaroos?” he asked.

“I will tell you in a moment.” I promised.

For most of what Chris had to say about kangaroos as Spiritual Guides you will have to buy his book.  But there was one thing that he said that stuck me as being very pertinent and that was that kangaroos progress their lives in leaps and bounds.


So why my interest in Kanagroos?  For some time now, since Reuben, their son, was quite young, Susannah and Ya’Acov have had a large trampoline at the bottom of their garden.   Many years ago I had a very vivid dream.  In this dream I was walking along the road that runs behind their garden.  I looked up at the hedge and was amazed to see two kangaroos jump up above the level of the hedge and look down straight at me.  Then the kangaroos dropped out of sight behind the hedge only to reappear 3 seconds later again looking my way.  When this was repeated twice more the absurdity of situation made my wake up roaring with laughter.


After this ‘The Kangaroos’ became a very private but very affectionate shorthand that Susanne and I used to refer Susannah and Ya’Acov.


As I was relating my dream to Chris I had a moment of realisation.  At the time of the dream Susannah and Ya’Acov had masses of energy but were struggling to find the right way forward.  Hence my image of them jumping up and down on the spot.  But, of course, real kangaroos don’t jump up and down in the same place, as if they are on a trampoline.  They jump forwards.  And this forward motion is the difference between the Susannah and Ya’Acov of now and the Susannah and Ya’Acov of my dream world at that time.  Within the next few months, the School of Movement Medicine's first Apprenticeship Programme will start, some of those Apprentices will start to act as assistants at School of Movement Medicine workshops and Susannah and Ya’Acov’s forthcoming book “Movement Medicine - 9 Gateways to Living the Dream” will be published by Hay House Publishers in September. `By the way, you can already pre-order the book at Amazon UK.  Susannah and Ya'Acov's first Movement Medicine CD, will also be published by Hay House, is also available to pre-order from Amazon. Several leaps and a lot of ground has been covered. 


We regularly have conversations with people about how they can become more involved with the Movement Medicine work and eventually train to teach it.  What we tell everyone is that the path to this goal is our curriculum and the first major step on that road is Susannah's ongoing group, The Journey of Empowerment.  The next time this journey is due to start is on July 11th.  There are still some places available and it is not too late to apply for place.  If you want to gain a thorough grounding in the essentials of Movement Medicine practice amongst a group of committed fellow travellers, find much more of your own creative juice for living and maybe take a few great leaps of your own, then this is the course for you.  Please email me at if you would like an application form. Or download one from


There is still just time to book on For All Our Relations a residential workshop led by Ya’Acov which will take place over 6 days May 11th – 17th at Waldhaus Zentrum in Switzerland.  This is the first course on which Ya'Acov will be integrating the work of the Pachamama Alliance's Be the Change Symposium with Movement Medicine and it promises to be a very deep week. Two work scholarships are still available for this course. Please contact Roland on 01803 762244 or if you are interested in attending this workshop.  Ya’Acov wrote about this workshop in the last newsletter in his article entitled The Greatest Challenge.


We forgot to mention about the early payment discount date for Initiation in our last newsletter so we have decided to extend it by a few days and we will now give the discount to those of you who book for this workshop by Friday 15th May.  You can download an application form off the website at


Several of our forthcoming weekend workshops are fully booked.  Both Ya’Acov’s forthcoming workshop in Switzerland ,Ascension workshop in Bern on May 21 and Source on 22 – 24 May are fully booked with a waiting list as is Susannah’s DanSing workshop in Israel on June 10 – 13th.  But there are a few places on the Move! evening in Israel on 9th  June. Contact Aviya at if you would like a place.

There are, however, a few place on Susannah’s Dancing Yin & Yang course in Poland on 22 – 24th May.  Contact Olga at +48 509 774 884  if you are interested in this workshop.

Susannah will be teaching in Salzburg for the first time on June 5th – 7th.  This is a Move weekend and if you wish to book or find out more then get in touch with Andrea  +43 664 380 8073

There are also places available on the Susannah’s Fusion weekend in The Netherlands on 20 – 21 June.  The organiser for this event is Frank and you can get hold of him at  +31 71 889325300


Wishing you great bounds and leaps in your life




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