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Issue: April Newsletter
Re-Creation and SEER

By Anusia Meier
Dear Movement Medicine Community, I am in complete AWE about the power of Re-Creation and the SEER process. I have just returned from assisting on Re-Creation in Switzerland at the beautiful and powerful Schweibenalp in Switzerland. It has been an amazingly deep journey for me, with deep embodied realisation and relaxation into who I am.

In our last sharing round with Ya'Acov and the other six amazing assistants and Anveshi our amazing translator, I had a deep burst out of tears. It felt like a huge relief. I felt that finally I could relax into who I am. Not having to act or do things to be loved, be seen, or be appreciated by others. This narcissistic Self, which was in a way very important for my survival as a child, could finally drop. Wow. I felt at least 10kg lighter and at the same time 10kg heavier – heavier in the sense of a deeper connection with gravity, mama earth and the earth of my body. And out of this relaxation, I felt a strong focus to dream my soul even deeper and deeper into this existence. Out of the connection with Yin and the acceptance of who I am, the focus to grow and stretch into my becoming became natural and organic.

What a great gift to experience the teachings of Susannah and Ya'Acov and their amazing Movement Medicine medicine in the real reality of one's process!

And you know what? I soooo much love and appreciate myself more now than I have been able to before; the more "real" me is so much more alive, funny, at ease and beautiful than the other one, who did sooo much to be loved and appreciated.

Then there is something else I want to share with you: my real experience of the power of the SEER process.

Just in the morning after coming back home from Re-Creation I did a SEER Process. In the part where you turn towards the soul-retrieval, where the life-energy comes back, nothing came back, but I got a message from there: there is nothing to come back right now; you need to find a new lake to live in.

I had this strong image the night before of being a fish swimming all my life in a poisoned lake – the lake of my childhood, the lake of not being in choice, the lake of the alcohol issues of my father, violence, no boundaries and the whole Polish heritage of war and the Catholic faith. So I knew that now, for the first time in my life, it is time to make my conscious CHOICE where I choose to live. It's all done in the old container; there is no more use working or healing in there. I need to find a new lake, a new container to live in.

What a relief. So after this SEER Process, I wrote down on paper some words like: new lake, new container, new home.

And straight after this, I needed to go into town to run some errands, so I went into my car and, guess what? There was a big big water pool/water lake on the floor next to the driver’s seat!! The lake had manifested in my car. This has never happened to me with water in the car before. Although it was raining a lot and no windows or door were open, there was water inside the car. How mysterious is that?

Last summer I had a similar thing going on with my old car: I went through a long and deep dying process for some time, doing a lot of SEER. On the last day of this process, I had the sense that now it's over and this part had really died. I went into my car and guess what, my car was dead!! No joke.

One more story on the SEER I did today about an issue that has really been triggering me for a long time: I have a very expensive headset microphone for my MM classes, but the part that goes around the ear is broken, and for weeks now I haven’t been able to work with the mic any more.

I called Musix (the company I bought it from) at least about 100 times. At the beginning they would call me back but then they wouldn't any more. I sent many mails explaining my problem, for the first rounds being very polite, but then with a growing, slightly angry undertone.

Interestingly they weren't able to give me some constructive or clear advice on what to do now, and said they would need to find out what could be done and whether it was under guarantee. Then I didn't hear back from the company for more than a month, while I kept on calling and writing to them. No answers. Eventually they wrote in a very uninvolved way: "We are sorry, but it will not go under guarantee", without proposing any next steps of what to do with it. I replied that I didn’t care about the guarantee and that I just needed to have it fixed.

Again, no answer for weeks!!

I felt such anger and strong feelings of helplessness; I didn't know what to do with it any more. I also knew that life was providing me with this great situation to work with, something old that couldn't be expressed and felt then and there.

So I did a SEER about that this morning, and guess what? Yes, just at the end of the SEER process, as I was stepping back into the present after dancing in the future in which I had seen that they would ring me very soon, the phone rang and, guess who was on the other side? YES, Musix – the company from the microphone. No joke! I was in a bit of a shock, I have to say…

(Interesting that the SEER is working not only in "doing" something in the next 7 days, but also in really "seeing" what might happen within the next few days.)

I could explain and express to this man (who was by the way very nice to me) my anger and my helplessness and he said, "Oh I am sorry. We will find a solution. Send it to us and we will fix it." So easy, once things are cleared out the way!

Isn't this amazing how the SEER is really a tool to Re-Create our reality once we have felt the unfelt feelings and unexpressed actions and return into a place of integrity, power and dignity!!

I bow to this Movement Medicine work and to all that it is connected to!!!

Anusia Meier

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