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Issue: April Newsletter
Winter Dream

By Kristin
travelling within
the sacred marriage of inner masculine and feminine
those words drumming in my head
deeper in the dance
where the confusion gets thicker and sweaty
so many faces
faces of love
all facets of my own dance

still unravelling
black wolf running up
standing behind me
letting me know
don't be nice
just be yourself
if this confronts–
allow movement
bring healing
embrace your art
chaos arising
clusters fragments
broken pieces
keep going
travel deeper
meet white rabbit family
creative source laughing
creating without end
full of soft juiciness
where do you find this source of love?
rabbit’s smile
all come close with their faces
touch me with white fur
just love me
love sinks into my skin
where is the sacred marriage
of feminine and masculine taking place?
Will I be there?
it will happen in your body
the owl says
her face clear like the moon and no doubt
everyone will come
into you and unite for this celebration
once you truly understand
that you are in everyone and everyone is in you
ecstatic dance
self disappears
whale deep underwater
witnesses fearless

Kristin Glenewinkel

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