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Issue: February 2009
Life Moves!

by Petra Cegla

Once upon a time…I took a walk on the beach. I live on the  isle of Sylt and whenever we have storms coming from the west and changing to the east there are lots of amber on the shore. So when I recognized the wheather changing, I put on my beachboots, took a little bag and started my research-walk.

It did not take long and I found a spot where some of the shiny golden amber were swaying in the stream of the sea. Yes, I was lucky: there were many of them! I took them all and thanked the godesses of the sea and the water with 27 of my hairs for

this rich harvest. Grateful and happy I came home and decided to send some of these ambers as a gift to my good friend Manfred who lives in San Francisco. So I did. Manfred was very happy to get these ambassadors from my home where he himself once had lived for several years!


Some weeks later he wrote me a letter and in this letter he told me that he- as a consolation- gave the ambers to another friend who lost somebody in an car-accident.  „Yes“ I thought „what a good idea- when I found the stones they were sparkling in the water like gold, like golden tears from the middle of mother earth`s heart….“.

Time went by and I talked to my nephew Tobias, who lives near Frankfurt/Germany. He just had returned from the USA where he visited Monika, one (…!...) of his girlfriends. Monika gave him – as a going-away present-some smooth, little, yellow, sparkling stones…: ambers! A friend, who just had lost someone in a car-accident, had given them to her. This friend knew that Tobias would come and visit Monika and she was so happy about it! He said to Monika:“ I give these stones to you both. May they double your happyness and may they shine on your luck!“
And again I thought:“Yes, golden tears from mother earth`s heart!“ Time went by and Tobias came for a visit to myplace. Guess what he gave me as his welcome-present? YES! The amber! I looked at him and I said“ Woww! Life really moves!“
The next day we took a walk on the beach and gave these beautiful pieces of amber back to the godess of the sea.

Susannah will offer her workshop Life Moves! on the Isle of Sylt/Germany 13.-15.March

plus a Move! open evening on Thursday 12 March.  Contact Petra: (0)4651 871276


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