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Issue: February 2009

by Angela Lord

"As you pray in your darkness for wings to set you free, you are bound to your silent legacy." +


What is a fifty-seven year old woman, with her saggy belly and silvery hair, doing going off to Manchester to do a dance workshop on sexual energy?  You've done it before?  Didn't you get it the first time, then?

Well, you know, I love dancing.  And it's Ya'Acov.  I would work with Ya'Acov anyway, whatever he was doing. And I teach in mainstream education, where you get a fantastic number of holidays, but you can't take them when you want or need them; no "dogging off" to do fun stuff like dancing (what's dancing got to do with education anyway?). There are limits on my energy too (all those birthdays, or perhaps it's the saggy body parts). Easter weekend is bang in the middle of a holiday - can't complain about that, then….


The first time was in Glasgow: my home town, the venue overlooked by my kitchen window; Manchester is not quite as convenient but it is reachable - nearer than Devon, London, Orval et al…one stop on the train or batter down the M74 till you hit the M6…can't complain about that either.


That leaves the money. 


So, no excuse at all, then. 


Is that it? Is that why you are doing Source again?


What's the story you're not telling?


I know this work. I know its fruits no less than its ongoing, never-finishedness.  I know it in my heartbroken rage at what is happening in the educational world in which I work; I know it in the slow unfurling of my courage to speak more openly, to respond from my heart, to act more authentically; in my courage to take my own workshops out into the world.  And yes, I know it in the growing, visceral connection to my sexuality, and between my sex and my heart, my heart and my inner eye.


The dance of sexual energy is the dance of creation, in all its myriad forms.  Sometimes, when the journey seems long and the steps too steep, it helps me to remember that what we do, we do not only for ourselves but for those who went before and those as yet unborn.  As Melissa Etheridge sings, "Your body is alive, but no-one told you what you'd feel, the empty aching hours, trying to conceal….Remember how they taught you, how much of it was fear.  Refuse to hand it on: the legacy stops here".+


Above all, I know that with Ya'Acov as my guide, and the joy of the dance to hold me, I can begin, can begin again to go in, begin to allow, begin to uncover, unpick and undo the rigid cage of rules and roles, perceptions and expectations, to touch the layers of numbness that protect the ultimate, screaming pain, to find a prior loveliness, and beneath, the primary power.


Integrity of mind, heart and body means just that.  No splitting off, no hiding (What? NO  

hiding? How will I ever get there? Look how far you have come..).


So yes, I will be doing Source again this Easter.  I had to smile when I booked myself into "no frills" accommodation at - of all places - "Luther King House".  For I too have a dream, a dream of freedom, for myself, for all those I love, for you, and for the world, that we may be who we are, ourselves, co-creators, both dancers and danced, weaving the webs of our lives, for ourselves and for all our relations. I will be doing Source again, taking a few more, tiny, baby steps on the long road to freedom.  Perhaps I'll see you there?


With love



+ Melissa Etheridge: Silent Legacy on her album "Yes I Am Melissa"


Ya'Acov will be teaching Souce in Manchester 10th - 12 April.  Please contact Elaine on 0161 881 2644
and also in Paris 13th - 15th March.  Please contact Amelie +33 01 55 59 94 01 for more details and to book.

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